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How to write SEO friendly blog posts

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Write SEO friendly blog posts: How

You as a blogger are supposed to write blog posts as per your readers’ minds in order to have a tangible reader’s base. But if you targeting to reach out to more people, it is imperative to consider the digital web crawlers or algorithms in mind of the search engines especially of Google. In other words, you are supposed to write down SEO friendly blog posts as it will help them to rank better over the number of search engine results. You are supposed to invest good amount of your time in understanding the SEO strategies and optimize your blog content so that you end up coming with optimized blog posts. However, if you are not well versed with the ideas of SEO, you have to outsource this task to the concerned company to do the needful. Don’t worry; writing SEO friendly articles isn’t big deal. Let’s check some of the best tips to write down SEO friendly blog posts as under:

Consider SEO friendly application or platform

Simply start by employing the blogging platform/application, which is popularly known as the search engine friendly. Some of the popular ones include WordPress and Blogger. If you keep your blog clubbed with your website then this could be better option as it helps in keeping the search engine rankings over your site domain. Some of the vital features, which you need to look out for the blogging platform, simply include the option of editing the blog post URL, Meta tags, title or keywords along with the option of having automatic submission for the RSS feed.

Write SEO friendly blog posts

Writing the blog post content

Well, it’s time to start writing your blog post. All you need to do is to simply take any topic, which can be relevant and interesting to your niche area. It could be anything, right from announcing something happening in your business or an interview with some professional or expert belonging to your niche business or it could be the views or responses of the recent changes taking place in the industry. Write anything which is worthy to be written rather than simply doing things for the heck of it. The content you develop as your blog post should flow in a natural way. Avoid content with keyword stuffing since Google will not going to rank you better over the search engines. Such kind of content is away from quality and thus never be seen at the top in different search engine results. If your content is more attractive you may definitely getting website visitors. Check out this resource

Optimizing the blog posts for search engines

Every blog post you put on your blog should have at least 400 words. A right length of the blog post should fall in between 400 to 800 words and carry at least two or one images, which can help in breaking up your content. Importantly, the content you post as your blog post should be 100 percent original and free from the plagiarism issue. When developing content make sure you use the keywords or key phrases at the end or beginning of the article in the most natural way. This will help in optimizing for different search engines. At the same time, you need to use different variations of your targeted keywords a few times within your blog post. This will really help the search engines indexing your article for the relevant keywords. For example of your optimizing for New York Hotels, make sure you include the keywords for example Hotels in New York in your blog post. Usually Yahoo and Bing rank the articles which are around 400 words, while Google looks for quality and a length of 800 words.

Creating the blog post titles

Keep all your title length to around 66 characters, while the other search engines could display for around 120 characters. Google will only going to show the result that comes under 66 positions. Hence make sure you include your targeted keyword phrase. In case, if you are not very sure about the length of the title, all you are supposed to do is to simply copy and paste it over the free character counter and move on.

Add the search engine friendly images

The search engines simply do not understand the images hence you are supposed to use Alt Tags in order to tell them the kind of image it has. The Alt Tags can be simply added directly in the form of HTML code or in case if you are employing the Alternate image blog or the news apps, simply include the picture with the help of media manager and enter the Alt Text field with the help of your keywords separated by the hyphens. Also, you can rename the filename of the images, which you have used in order to showcase the keyword.

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