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Blogging Tools

It seems that everyone you look, someone has a blog or website. Whether it is sharing gardening techniques or providing the latest stock market analysis, the information boom is as strong as ever, and continuing to grow.

What many people do not realize is that they are potential bloggers themselves. They have knowledge and expertise about a range of subjects that others would love to read about. Blog topics on the web range from everything from gardening and finance as mentioned above, to cooking, pet care, health issues, fashion, etc. The list is unlimited!

But how do you get started? The first steps include choosing and registering a domain name, obtaining hosting service, and creating your web site or blog page. There are a number of providers, such as networksolutions.com, that provide all of these services at rates that are surprisingly low. In fact, some services can be obtained for free.

It is also important to choose carefully when setting up your domain name and choosing your web services. A domain name that is too long can actually dissuade visitors to your site. For example, instead of choosing “www.everythingiloveaboutgardening.com”, go with a simpler domain such as “www.lovemygarden.com” if it is available.

Choose a website design that is pleasing to the eye without overloading the viewer with images that may be too busy. The audience will better understand the theme of the site with a few well-placed images along with complementary text. However, too much text without sufficient imagery will also adversely affect your audience. Images generate interest, so use them wisely.

Once your site is up, start blogging! You may find that you have so much to say that you don’t know where to begin. If so, that’s okay – you can break your information down into categories and choose a different category each week, and write a blog within each category daily.

It is also a good idea to include a method for your audience to interact with you. Comments and questions from your readers will generate loyalty to your site, and will also help you to make a good site even better. To learn more about how to set up email or other contact methods for your site visitors, or to discover other ways to enhance your site, contact your website services provider.

Pawan Sharma (Vicky) is the founder of GetsUpdates.com . He Holds a B.tech Degree in CSE(Computer Science). As he always try to help people by applying some of his knowledge and tips, he always follow his tag line "Sharing is Caring" . Sharing knowledge will make it worthy. He is good in Logic's , and love to sing & listen to music , Apart from this, he have geek interest in "Chess" & "Logical Game".


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