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6 tips for a successful SEO campaign

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SEO Campaign
1 – The website content 
You have to write a content that is relevant, useful, clear and interesting to the user, which will guarantee future visits, and in turn be written taking into account the search engines that will index the content to be offered to users by It is therefore suggested quality content, original, fresh and relevant.  
2 – keywords or key words 
One of the SEO tips that more help in the indexing of search engines is the use of keywords both the content and the website in general. However, one should be careful and should not be repeated too because that would be counterproductive, since it penalizes Google. 
3 – The web site configuration 
The website must be configured for natural positioning in Google. It is what is known as “SEO friendly”, i.e. that is friendly to search engine optimization. While configuring a site properly optimized for search engines is not a task that anyone can do, to keep in mind some aspects such as the HTML structure, keywords, labels respect the structure of H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.. Place in the HTML description and keywords for the site, include internal links between our content and so on.  
4 – Updating the contents 
The content must be constantly updated, because if a website does not add new content, such as news, updates, promotions, information, etc., you fail to visit this page and on the other hand, the search engines index pages that have new and quality content and are always in constant change and renewal.  
5 – External links 
The more links you get are directed to our website; the more likely we are to position in Google. Since receiving links from other sites, Google and searchers believe that our linked content is relevant and is therefore cited by other sites. How to get external links? By exchanging links, through agreements with suppliers or advertisers, to be high in free directories, or by creating attractive content that deserve to be linked by other sites. 
6 – Social networks, blogs and forums 
As explained in previous SEO tips is necessary to increase the number of external links that the website receives, and this is achieved by promoting the site in various media such as forums of similar theme in which you can participate and place a link to your site, free directories where you can register your website, social networks are also a good way of advertising (twitter, facebook, linked in, etc.), our company can advertise directly without cost, as with blogs, including always interesting and updated content to attract visitors. 
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