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How To Schedule Your Twitter Posts

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How To Schedule Your Twitter Posts

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Social media seem to gobble up many people’s time what with activities like changing status and keeping track of other people’s stats. You invariably end up spending a lot of time glaring at a bright screen at the cost of many other activities like hanging around with friends, visiting a relative in hospital or doing grocery.


What if you could schedule your tweets  and leave a software to the job for you?  Doesn’t it make eminent sense to leave a good amount of time for something else other than sit glued to your hand-helds or PCs?  You can do it but even so, something like chatting has to be done manually and in real-time, be assured of that.The best apps that make this possible are Hootsuite, Buffer and Tweetdeck though there are many others too.



This is in many ways superior to the other two apps under discussion here. That perhaps explains the fact that it is more popular as well. In fact, this app is more popular than many pop stars! In addition to great interface, Hootsuite has a very good analytics. You will have to pay for it, though. You can also use it in many accounts in various social media websites.  


Hootsuite has an interface that enables you to track your social media activity. You can also analyze data for free but on a limited scale. So, go for the paid facility. Link shortening is done by owl.ly. This can be used by multiple partners. Your accounts in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn can also be brought into its ambit.  Hootsuite can auto-schedule a post by using its algorithms which indicate the best time to post an entry.




If you want to share something interesting with your contacts, you can “add it
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