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Domain Authority Importance and Tips to Increase it

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Domain Authority Tips

SEO is the essential part for our site, it is necessary to have high rank, inbound and outbound links. But we always consider inbound links more. As my experience i can say that both are equally important to have good rank(Google Page Rank) and  domain authority.

Every Page of our site have a web Authority based on outbound n inbound links. Every page have some authority weight out of 100 (0-100). This authority value only based on page quality, Genuine backlinks, out links and will help us to build a good reputation in this web world.

Top sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc have 100 DA, basically in our web world we assume good DA if its greater than 30, we can get 25 DA easily for a fresh site may be within 2 month, if we work good on SEO but 25-30 DA interval takes time and so much effort.

What is the Advantage of DA?

Domain authority is like trust and popularity on web. If you want to monetize your website you should maintain a Good DA, because most of the advertiser compare DA before giving you contract, also DA helps you to get quality content as a guest blogger. DA also effects with good Google Page Rank.

As we know in web world there are lots of websites with same content, like mine tech site there are lots of other too, DA also help me tracking my blog strength and weakness against them, which help to maintain my blog a better way.

How to improve DA?

As I told you from the very starting DA is a calculation algorithm based on outbound , inbound links and PR. According to my research we can get good DA by exchanging our site link with the websites which already have good DA too (at least more than 30).

One of my experience with DA, I gave backlink to a  site of my guest blogger, whose DA is 12, but i didn’t check it at that time, after 2-3 month I seen my DA goes down , so i consult one of my good friend (SEO Expert). He analyze my blog and told me to remove that link from post because it effect my DA, that day i come to know before exchanging the links we must check the other URL DA, it must near to our site DA or greater than us.

Domain Authority vs Page Authority

DA is calculated based on the strength of all pages, domain and sub-domain collectively on the other hand Page Authority is the calculation of individual page strength.
To check your site DA or PA you can go to Open Site Explorer  , just fill your domain or page link. You can also compare other sites with your one by clicking “Compare Pages” below the search box.

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