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Android or iOS: Which One Do You Want To Go For?

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Are you confused between Android and iOS, which one to go for? Don’t be, as we are going to take you through few of the facts and figures that will help you out to decide, as which one you should go for.
Android vs ios6
Android vsiOS

iOS is limited, but Android is not:

iOS is the operating system that is dedicated to Apple’s devices, however Google has given leverages to many manufacturers to use Android as a platform in their devices. Manufactures make little adjustments to this platform, according to their design and functionality to make the most use of it. This gives a chance to the Android users to use wide variety of phones such as Samsung, LG and so on.

Flexibility of apps:

Both Android and iOS have more or less similar quantity of apps. Apple is a bit strict with the applications it provides. However, Android gives you a platform to tune up your phone with custom apps.

Ease of typing:

iOS has a smarter typing provision, as it guesses the word almost correctly that the user wants to be type. However, it is not the same with Android, as it often makes mistakes in predicting the word.


Apple made an attempt to outsmart Google Maps, by developing its own mapping service, but ended up in disaster. The biggest negative of Apple maps is that it doesn’t provide the transit directions. However, Google has provided its users with 3D maps along with offline maps and offline maps are doing great among the Android users.


It is world famous that no device can compete with Apple on the user experience factor. It dedicates its idea for a single operating system on the same phone, which is why it works for the eventual betterment of the performance. If you want to have a hassle free user experience, then Apple is the option for you and if you enjoy having unlimited options, then you must go for Android.
Both the operating systems have their own flaws.Now it is you, who has to take the call of choosing the phone that would satisfy your needs and demands.
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