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Pawan Sharma (Vicky) is the founder of GetsUpdates.com . He Holds a B.tech Degree in CSE(Computer Science). As he always try to help people by applying some of his knowledge and tips, he always follow his tag line "Sharing is Caring" . Sharing knowledge will make it worthy. He is good in Logic's , and love to sing & listen to music , Apart from this, he have geek interest in "Chess" & "Logical Game".

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When it comes to preserving memories of the past, we, as a species, have all but
mastered this domain. While our physical, or spiritual, memory keeping devices, our brains, are
prone to distorting our memories upon each remembrance, we have been able to combat this
failing of our own selves via the myriad wonders of technology. We now have access to several
potent devices that can preserve our memories in the most objective form possible, and, as I am
sure you are aware, these devices are everywhere and fairly affordable. As a matter of fact, our
cell phones, which are really tiny super computers, have built in cameras to take pictures and
record video. While the quality may be found wanting in many cases, keep in mind that this
functionality is a bonus on top of the ability to make phone calls and connect to the internet from
nearly anywhere. A dedicated camera can grant you the ability to preserve your most important
memories in much better detail at a price comparable to that of a new cell phone. Of course, the
basic technology on display here is nothing new. As the very concept of cinema is over a
hundred years old by this point, and photography even older, this information isn’t a surprise,
though I still find it surprising how available it all is, along with all of the other technological
wonders we have at our disposal. And, the devices themselves are only the beginning.

Developing photos from film is another ancient relic of human civilization at this point,
of course, but now we actually don’t really need film. Many cameras still take film, but most do
not. That, in and of itself, is a great boon to us. However, it gets even better. Because of the
lack of film involved, and of course, the presence of equivalent data, you can have photos
“developed” over the internet and simply shipped to you via a service like Shutterfly, and you
can even customize your prints in a variety of ways. Before you even consider printing your
videos, photo editing software is available to help you turn a simple photo into a more unique
and expressive photo, and you can do so with ease now that the basics of such software is
simply a feature of apps like Instagram. Then, of course, we have to talk more in depth about
social media’s role in memory preservation. Now, you don’t have to even print your photos to
save them. Online storage of a few kinds is available, but one such storage unit is actually an
online display of your photography, video, and other details of your life you’d like to share.
As you can plainly see, humanity has done the impossible yet again and conquered
one of the many fallibilities of the human mind with the power of technology. And, keep in mind
that this is before we have even really figured out the brain as an organ. We don’t even know
why we dream, but we have found a way to preserve memories virtually forever. Not only past
the point of distortion or forgetfulness, but even beyond the borders of our own lifetimes.

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Samsung’s last year flagship phone, Galaxy S7 is still one of the best smartphones available in the market now. The phone comes with great specs. And the build quality is superior to most of its peers. But despite coming with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection for the 5.1-inch QHD AMOLED display. And the IP68 certificated water and dust proofing. The Galaxy S7 is still very fragile and tends to break easily as it is mostly covered with glass. Both on front and back. Even if you use it carefully, sometimes you just cannot avoid unfortunate events.

Broken screens are common and they are easy to get fixed. Go to your nearest service center and they will do the replacement for you. They will ask you to back up your data beforehand you replace your screen. As there is a high chance of data loss during the process. If you have not been a big backup fan. Then you need to recover the data from your phone.


The difficulty of doing this depends on how badly damage your phone is. If it is just some cracks on screen and your phone can still function. You just need to plug it into your PC. But if it is severely damaged, then the process can be a little complicated. Your data is important to you and I understand it. To make things easy for you, I have simplified the process to a great extent. Let us go through the methods on how to recover data from broken Samsung Galaxy.

Method 1: Recover Data via USB


You still access your Galaxy S7’s data by using your PC. By plugging in the phone via USB cable. The PC will access your phone and acts as a file explorer for it. You can access all the files on your phone even if your phone is broken. Before handing over your S7 for repair, move all data on your PC. This method will only work if you are still able to unlock your phone.

Step 1: Plug-in your Galaxy S7 to PC via USB cable.

Step 2: Open Phone folder.


Go to the File Explorer > Home and find your phone’s folder in the “Devices and Drive” section.

Step 3: Move Selected Data to PC.


Move all the data from your broken Galaxy S7 to a new folder on your PC. When you get your phone back after being fixed. Move the data back to the phone.

If you are not able to unlock your device, the PC will not be able to access the device. Then this method will not be useful to you. In that case, try the next method.


Method 2: By Using Android Data Recovery

If your phone is in a terrible condition. And you cannot even unlock your screen. Then Android Data Recovery is a program to recover files from your Galaxy S7, even if your phone is broken, dead, or locked. This software can help you to easily create a backup of your S7’s data. By using a sequence of physical buttons present on your phone to enter the download mode. And then all retrieved data is organized on the screen.

Step 1: Install and Open Android Data Recovery


Click on “Data Extraction (Damaged Device)”

Step 2: Choose file Types


Select the file types you want to recover.

Step 3: Choose the condition that Matches


Choose the state that matches your phone.

Step 4: Choose Device Name and Model.


Select your device’s name and model from the drop-down menus. Read the disclaimer if you want. Check the box and click on “Next”.

Step 5: Enter into Download Mode.


As mentioned above, power off your phone. And press the buttons in the sequence shown on the screen. You are now in the download mode. Press “Start” button to proceed.

Step 6: Recover the data


The software will first analyze the phone. Then download all data available on the phone. When the download is completed. Go through the recover data and click on “Restore” to create a backup of your phone’s data on your PC.


After you have recovered your Galaxy S7’s data. Now it is safe to hand the phone over to the service center. Even if there is some data loss during the repairing of your S7, you are covered as you have the backup. From next time it will be a better option. To protect your phone by using accessories like tempered glass and back cover, so our phone will be less likely to break down next time. It is always a good idea to invest in an accidental insurance for your phone.

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Google keep changing its strategy and apps to stays at no.1 , Recently we have seen YouTube Go- A new way to share your YouTube downloaded videos to your friend and save stream data. Today Google do some changes for Google Apps with the tagline “Our new name reflects our commitment to building technology that helps people work together.“.

Google Apps is now “G Suite”

I know you have a question : Why G Suite ?
In simple I can say G Suite is: Gmail +  Docs + Drive + Calendar , Its a power pack for our daily life need and soon we will see lots of change in logo too.

G Suite
Please go through from google announcement for more clearance:

Hello Google Apps Customer,
We created Google Apps to help people everywhere work and innovate together, so that your organisation can move faster and achieve more. Today, we’re introducing a new name that better reflects this mission: G Suite.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll see our new name and logo appear in familiar places, including the Admin console, Help Centre and on your invoice. G Suite is still the same all-in-one solution that you use every day, with the same powerful tools – Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar.

Thanks for being part of the journey that led us to G Suite. We’re always improving our technology so it learns and grows with your team.

Visit Google official blog post to learn more.

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Technology is at the forefront of most of innovation in today’s world. Many people do not realize the capabilities that something as simple as a smartphone has. Some people look at smartphones as their main way to get information while others simply use it to stay up to date on the gossip that has to do with their favorite celeb. What many don’t realize is that you can use your smartphone to improve your health on a daily basis. Don’t underestimate the smart device in your pocket as it can help you achieve your health goals. The following are different ways how.

There are plenty of apps that give you workouts that you won’t even need to go to the gym for. These exercises will be predominantly body weight or cardio based exercises but they are a great place to start. The fact that you do not even have to enter a gym allows these workouts to be done nearly anywhere with an outdoor space. Make sure that you do not start out at the most difficult workouts as this can lead to injury from doing too much too fast.

One of the first steps people have to take when trying to improve their health is a modification of their diet. Something as simple as an app can allow you to find out what you can eat on a diet or not. For example the Weight Watchers app will allow you to add up your daily points on your smartphone instead of having to look up each individual item. This app has a majority of major restaurants and their menu items in the app so you do not have to do a guessing game with how many points an item was. Even note apps will allow you chart everything you have eaten during the day.

As you can see it will take effort on your part regardless of how you utilize your smartphone. The smartphone cannot complete your workout for you but it is a great way to hold yourself accountable. Do not just use your smartphone to mess around on social media and improve your health starting today! Technology can improve all facets of life and beauty, even hair removal at Los Angeles Laser Hair Removal has been developing new techniques constantly to be at the top of their industry.


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7 Benefits Of Using WordPress As Your Development Platform

7  Benefits Of Using WordPress As Your Development Platform

WordPress was considered a “blog” software at a time in the past. Since then it has evolved into a fully functional Content Management system. WordPress is an open source Content management system and empowers a number of websites that are being developed every day. WordPress has become quite popular among the developers because of its featurefulness. WordPress has touched new heights of success over the past few years.It is a great development tool and most amazingly, it is assessable to everyone for free.

If you are thinking to have a website then WordPress can fulfill your desire in very short time. Developing a website for your business before WordPress was never too easy. WordPress has a variety of features that helps you in each and every way you need for a website.

Let us have a look on some of the most sought after benefits of using WordPress as your CMS:

1. Easy to use
This is one of the standout features of WordPress. It is supremely easy to understand and use WordPress.It does not need any sound technical knowledge to use WordPress. If you are not aware of hard coding then also you can operate WordPress.

2. Easily Manageable
It is easy to manage a WordPress site from any computer. You do not need any additional software or features to manage your WordPress site. You can add pages or edit the content from your own computer easily. This makes it even more useful specifically for those people who have a lot of content to add or update after every short time span.

3. SEO Friendly
This is one of the most important things all website owners want for their website. The code behind a WordPress site is very simple and clean which makes it easy for the search engines to index a WordPress site. Moreover the frequency of adding new pages or posts counts in attracting the google robots. If you are creating unique content using quality keywords, the chances of your site to come higher in search engine rankings are high.

4. Extend the functionality with plugins
A WordPress plugin is an asset to have. You can extend the functionality of your site up to the desired level using these plugins. Using a plugin is normally a 3 step install process. You can install a plugin if you want to boost your SEO efforts, you can add a contact form, complex galleries and, calendars etc. with the use of plugins.

5. Responsive Design
You can easily customize the WordPress site for a responsive design. You can use a responsive theme to make your site responsive so that it can be easily browsed on a mobile, desktop or a tab.

6. Social Media Integration
A WordPress site can be easily integrated with social media like facebook, twitter or LinkedIn. It helps in promoting your posts and driving more traffic to your website.

7. Multiple Users
Every user on your website may not require the same level of access. You can easily manage multiple accounts for users depending on the requirement. It provides everyone with the flexibility to contribute at required levels.

WordPress has so many benefits as a content management system that it may be difficult to list every single of them, you may miss the one or the other every time. This is not about listing the benefits or WordPress but just to give an idea that how powerful is WordPress as a development platform. You can create any type of site with WordPress and make every site so feature full that it doesn’t fail to impress the visitors in any manner.

Author Bio:

Marie Thomas is a WordPress expert, associated with Wordsuccor Ltd., wordpress development company in usa and has a lot of experience in converting PSD to WordPress. She has delivered an numerous range of quality products related to this. She has a strong passion for writing useful and insights about WordPress tips and tricks.


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The latest web blogs have been all the more about front line changes in versatility and how they may influence corporate undertakings as a rule. Today I thought I would extend from that and achieve somewhat more distant into the fate of cell phones and autos.

As a kid I generally adored idea autos and that some time or another planes and autos would union and autos would have the capacity to fly. Well as in any case we hold up for those flying autos, here is something more reachable. In my most recent excursion to the auto demonstrate there were autos that could interface with the web and autos that would permit you to dock your telephone and play your music from your telephone over your auto’s radio framework.

Thus, what else is possible? How about we take a gander at a portion of the new innovation available now and swoop into the eventual fate of cell phones and autos.

The Future of Smartphones and Cars: Ready, Set, Start 

The greater part of us have seen or utilized a key coxcomb that we can simply keep in our pockets. When we touch the auto entryway it opens. At that point inside the auto we push a catch to begin – all extremely cool. However, in any case I need to have the key dandy with me.

There are a few applications recently available that join your cell phone and auto to take into consideration collaboration with your vehicle. Take for example the new item by www.viper.com for beginning, finding, bolting or opening your auto. It just bodes well that since that you generally have your telephone with you, you ought to have the capacity to have this sort of usefulness.

The Future of Smartphones and Cars: Are You OK? 

Not certain if this has befallen you, yet its befallen me – twice. My check motor light goes ahead and stays on (I can hear the trade register ringing up in for cold hard currency the foundation). So I take the auto in and they connect it to a machine to check it. Interestingly, it was simply telling me that its 500 miles or somewhere in the vicinity short of the following oil change.

Alright, well wouldn’t it bode well for the auto to simply show a message that says, “This is an update that your next planned oil change is expected in 500 miles.” This new engineering is something you can have today from www.automatic.com. Their innovation helps you get to be more cost mindful by following and telling you of inefficient driving propensities while checking your motor status. So when the check motor light does go ahead you get ongoing data of what the issue is. You may have the capacity to redress the issue yourself and clear the message which evacuates the check motor light for that issue.


The Future of Smart phones and Cars: Dashboard 

Generally speaking most families have two autos and three or more drivers. Today every individual in your family that drives likely has a PDA. Presently, picture that your telephone can work as your key coxcomb. Moreover, when you open the auto the seats, mirrors, headrest and so on will conform to your individual determination that you set with your telephone.

How about we make it a stride further. The entire dashboard would be a clear touch screen board that you could setup your individual inclination and recovery to your telephone. At that point when the auto is begun all the gimmicks of the dashboard are simply the way and where you like it to be (inside reason). I like my stereo controls to be over the radiator controls. I like my pace to appear on the right side not the left. I like my apparatuses presentation to be vertical not level. I like my experience to be green not red, and so forth.

To go above and beyond, envision that all autos are planned thusly. When you lease an auto in the midst of a furlough or acquire an auto from a companion or relative, the autos can remotely get your favoured settings so all your preloaded designs are there. How cool is that!?

Also in the event that you truly need to reach for the sky, we should take the current usefulness a few autos need to parallel park themselves. Why not have the auto drop you off at the shopping centre door and after that go park itself? At that point when you’re done at the shopping centre, haul out your cell phone and advise your auto you’re prepared to be grabbed. By GPS your auto goes to the passage and lifts you up.

Later on of cell phones and autos regardless of which auto you take, your setting will be your settings. Your life partner’s settings will be their settings. No additionally getting in the rental auto and having the directing wheel hit you in the midsection on the grounds that the last individual who drove it was much shorter than you.

All things considered I see these future dreams of engineering occurring focused around the most recent innovation we’re seeing leaving the business as the fate of cell phones and autos begin to union therefore giving those with cars no option than booking for dsa practical test. How about we trust this vision does not take the length of the flying car technology.



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Why Ecommerce

Ecommerce industry is rising rapidly. If you want to make your ecommerce store s successful one, you have to follow latest tips and implement them for getting visitors and increasing awareness of your brand.
Why Ecommerce
This infographic, created by KOL Limited , revolves around the top 7 elements of a ecommece portal which play crucial role in making it a popular one.

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System Tool Outlook

Outlook Recovery software designed under the banner of SysTools Group works around resolving Outlook PST errors and problems to make the data within PST files accessible regardless of bothering users to get worried about data loss. Microsoft that is known at all corners of world due to its amazing efforts invested in IT availed MS Outlook for desktop emailing tasks, and now a great range of editions for the same email client is available. With the ease of managing distinct operations along emailing, MS Outlook for Windows is serving need of millions. The long time observation for Outlook Windows platform explores that high use of this email client over a range of individuals whether they are professional or engaged to manage their personal emails rely to store information into personal storage files of Outlook.

To manage all the operations within Windows MS Outlook, built-in utilities offered by Microsoft may help at bad times. But, such solutions are not fortunate to make the users comfortable about regaining the data under bad circumstances. During unwanted concerns where Outlook email accessibility becomes a critical issue, SysTools Outlook Recovery tool will be a beneficiary option. Complications due to which PST data moves to non-approachable manner can easily removed with the use of this software as it is added with multiple benefits in form of added technicalities elaborated underneath:

  • Recovery of Outlook data items when it is all about permanent deletionSystem Tool Outlook
  • Resolving fear of losing data due to oversized PST concern by implementation of Split PST optionSystem Tool Outlook
  • Works for recovery of ANSI and Unicode both kind of PST files
  • No removal of single bit after completion of PST recovery process

System Tools Outlook
Analyzing In Terms Of Pros and Cons

In terms of pros it is useful because of facilities jotted down:

  • Recovery of Deleted Outlook Mails: Deletion that is a critical concern for Outlook users can resolve using this tool. Accidental deletion of emails, tasks, calendars, contacts etc cannot handled when commercial help is not along. Being best alternative to revive deleted data that may have high importance for user, this tool will play crucial role as Outlook Data Savior. The feature of tool to eliminate fear of losing data can rate as 8.5/10.
  • Advance Scan to Handle Severe Concerns: Errors and problems those are responsible to make Outlook emails, tasks, calendars, and other information not reachable will be resolved with care whether problem is minor or severe. Advance Scan of the software lets the facility to scan PST files those are suffering from typical concerns. After completion of scan, recovery of damaged data will be done and finally no change in single bit of information is also assured so the rating for this feature will be 9/10.
  • Saving Emails into EML & MSG: Extracting recovered Outlook emails into single email file format is another feature of SysTools Outlook Recovery software that holds users’ hand towards capability to access emails over a range of email clients not bounded for specific operating system.  Backing up emails into single email file format is desire of users these days and when PST emails after recovery gets converted into EML/MSG then visibility of email information over wide range of platforms gets increased. So here the rating for this feature for the product will be 8.9/10.
  • Splitting Large PST Files: Oversized PST those are highly responsible to create multiple concerns while using MS Outlook for any edition if not divided into distinct small pieces then, this problem can halt entire procedure to work with email client. To manage and resolve such concerns dividing or splitting big PST files into small pieces using Split PST option is fruitful that is why this amenity of the tool will be rated as 9.5/10.

And cons of the Outlook Recovery tool will be mentioned as:

  • Only Mail Filters Available: For a particular time interval mails can be filtered for selected PST files. It restricts users to set a time interval to refine emails of PST files to be stored after recovery. If this filter will get modified and will be added with more options then, there will be more advantages with the filter.
  • Split PST For Given Size: Defining a limit for splitting up big PST files is a limitation for those who are looking to divide PST files into multiple sizes. As this tool contains feature to divide large PST for a permitted and defined size that user will be fix so it may bother some users.


At the time to sum up benefits and drawbacks of the tool, it is helpful to perform de-deletion of emails and other crucial information for MS Outlook data.

The process to recover and restore PST data is simplified into this software so; there is no need to invest manual efforts.

Moreover, dividing large PST file flexibility is also a hope to keep away issues those can come due to huge collection of data within a single file.

Altogether SysTools Outlook Recovery tool is beneficial to tackle most of the issues responsible to damage or corrupt PST files along with resolving Outlook data deletion concerns.


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Apple iWatch by Brett Jordan via Flickr

The idea of a smartwatch isn’t exactly a novel concept in our world today, however previous releases of these devices haven’t seen booming success yet. Now that a few have gone before them, Apple’s new iWatch is poised to set the gold standard for high tech watches. The iWatch will launch in October of 2014 with a special event hosted by Apple. There are a few iWatch features that will allow it to separate from the rest of the smartwatch pack. Let’s take a look at what will make the iWatch so special.



Biometric SensorsApple iWatch by Brett Jordan via Flickr

While the exact specifics of the iWatch have not yet been released, bits and pieces have made their way to the media. One of the coolest iWatch features is that it will have multiple biometric sensors. This means that it won’t merely be an accessory to the iPhone. The iWatch will track health metrics like heart rate, hours of sleep, calories burned and the number of steps that the watch wearer has taken in a day.  Not only will fitness enthusiasts be drawn to the watch, but the biometric sensors will also attract tech-savvy individuals as well.


Music Capabilities

Some tech industry analysts believe that the iWatch could be so technically advanced that it could even potentially replace the popular iPod, which means that it has the potential to play music. A watch that plays and stores music will revolutionize the watch industry as few watches currently support such a capability. Many people already carry music on their phones, thus the iWatch will be attractive to those who want their playlists “on hand” wherever they go.


In Sync

The iWatch is expected to sync up with the iPhone in a seamless and flawless manner. It will send call and message notifications from the iPhone directly to the iWatch, empowering the user to know exactly who is trying to communicate them and when they made the call or text. Other smartwatches do sync up with different electronic devices but the iWatch is expected to provide the deepest, most thorough level of compatibility with an already existing technological device. This feature will obviously be a pull for iPhone users.


If the Watch Fits

Reports are stating that the iWatch will come in multiple sizes, which will make it much more appealing than other smartwatches on the market. They are meant to not only to fit both men and women with different size wrists, but also to possibly make the watch easier to wear if it is being used while exercising. More than just a fashion statement, it will be especially useful for music and biometric tracking during workouts since it can be attached to other parts of the arm besides the wrist, like the forearm or bicep.


Staying Ahead of the Curve

The iWatch will have a curved display just like its sister device, the iPhone6. Few electronic devices on the market have curved displays, so Apple is once again “ahead of the curve” so to speak. The iWatch will also have a special sapphire coating so that it retains an unblemished shine throughout its lifespan. By implementing this new technology, consumers will be more likely to choose the iWatch over the now dated smartphones without the newest technology.


The release of the iWatch is still to come, so we have yet to see the true success of the device and how it will stack up to others. Due to the highly advanced technology, the iWatch has a better chance of being more user-friendly for consumers, which could help skyrocket its success. Only time will tell, but perhaps the world just isn’t ready for smartwatches yet, and no matter the design, technology, or style, consumers could still be disinterested. Information for this article was provided by the Apple experts at Apple Shark who provide users with a place to sell used iPhones no matter what condition they are in.

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mkv to mp4

We all know that MKV is the most common video file format. Even though it’s so popular, there are still many compatibility issues with devices like Mobile Phones & many popular Video Players such as Window Media Player.

MP4 Format on the other hand is hugely compatible with most of the devices.

So we are always  in need of a Video Converter that not only Convert MKV To MP4 but also helps in maintaining the video quality.

Here we would like to introduce you to one of the best video converter available :

Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter is one of the best video conversion tool available in market now. The tool offer super performance in video conversion & also offers a great User Interface so that even a basic user can use the tool without any difficulties or whatsoever. So you can convert mkv to mp4 with so ease.

Some of the Key Features of Movavi Video Converter

  • Faster conversion rates which help you to convert video from MKV to MP4 in fraction of seconds.
  • Quality of Videos after Conversion remains intact.
  • Supports 180 multimedia formats other than MP4 so many other formats can be converted. No need for other tools.
  • Merge Two Different Media Files .
  • You can extract audio(Mp3) from video format.
  • 200+ Device format supported media format.
  • Can crop a small clip from media file.