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How to change old tips and tricks for SEO

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For a majority of webmasters and bloggers ranking higher over different search engines were simply a piece of cake for them. They were seen relying over a number of simple and easy SEO tips and tricks, which could helped them to come over the first result pages of Google and other search engines without much hassles or time. However, these tips and tricks worked well only till Google embarked with certain new updates like Panda and Penguin two years before. With these updates, Google upgraded its algorithms and came out with smarter ways to penalize people who were relying much over things like duplicate content and similar other things. Google and other search engines are no more lenient about these things; they now penalize the sites, practicing the old back hat tips and tricks. Now, it’s time to change your old tips and tricks for effective SEO for your site or blog.

The strategy for Content

Earlier, the webmasters and SEO experts were able to index higher with the help of spun content, which helped them to get backlinks. Spun content is simply changing some words and rephrasing several paragraphs to develop a new version of the article. By rewriting the current content and replacing the same with new words can help them to get unique content to certain extent. However, with new updates coming from Google simply penalized such content based sites. This is because most of the spun content is pitted with grammatical errors and other similar issues, which is barely readable by the visitors. Now quality content is the priority of Google, so if you are not able to produce quality content, which is not only unique in words and information, you are not bound to rank high over different search engine results. So the first tip for SEO, which you need to change, is to produce quality and interesting kind of content.

The blog comments and forum posting

Earlier people relied over automated blog commenting and the forum positing system, which was among the most popular black hat SEO technique. A number of tools helped webmasters and bloggers looking ahead to get higher ranks over search engine results to find low quality links without much hassle and time. If you look at these comments, they happen to be very much generic and not able to produce quality results. However, with the Google updates embarking, these now fall under low quality links, which eventually hampers the ranks of the sites to a great extent. So to change this old and black hat technique, all you need to do is to stop relying over these automated tools, and do things manually with quality and more relevancy factor.

Replace the links wheels with guest posts or social media strategy

Another inexpensive SEO solution was to use the spun content to generate a link spam, which helps in getting higher rankings. The link wheels are basically a kind of link pattern, which is developed simply to help in promoting the rankings of any website. These are generally employed with a blend of links, which narrows down their link juice over any single web page. With the advent of Google updates, these techniques are no more valid. These are now being replaced by other popular and effective SEO techniques like guest posts or even trying your hands over social media sites.

Final word

The advent of Google updates like Penguin and Panda have simply changed the rule of the optimization game. Earlier the black hat SEO techniques that worked well are no more valid to rank higher over different search engine results. If however, you still follow them, make sure you get rid of these and replace with the newer ones, which adhere to the rules of these updates.
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