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Earn From Forum Site By Posting and Commenting

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Forum , Today if we talking about Forum’s ,These are Discussion websites where you can ask you query and reply other user solution’s or your views , In the WEB their are many Forum which are use to discussion on Programming, Tricks, Hacking,  Health , and so on..

But as i seen , most of the Forum are not responsive Now, in previous days if i submit any query the i got reply within few minute ,But now if i create any threat in Forum’s, They response me back after 2-3 days. It is just because of in-Active user.

Why Forum are continuously Fading ???

Reasons are given below :

  1. Increase in the number of blog’s on different topic : So user don’t want to wait for reply and find any blogger related to his problem , and if he unsuccessful then he come to Forum at last.
  2. Forum site are based on user, But user loss their interest because they don’t get anything for working on Forums , So they create their private blogs. 

So Here I will Tell You where you can  get paid for something you love to do , I mean if you loves to create Forum Posts and comment on the post , then you can earn .

  • Click Here
  • Sing Up ! For New Account.
  • Now if you are working on “Drupal” or “WordPress” download their setup from “My Sites” and follow the instructions.
  • Now  After uploading , Create post’s or comment and get paid . 
  • If you want to increase you comment use your earned point for commenting , which are good for SEO.
Pawan Sharma (Vicky) is the founder of GetsUpdates.com . He Holds a B.tech Degree in CSE(Computer Science). As he always try to help people by applying some of his knowledge and tips, he always follow his tag line "Sharing is Caring" . Sharing knowledge will make it worthy. He is good in Logic's , and love to sing & listen to music , Apart from this, he have geek interest in "Chess" & "Logical Game".


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