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Your Smartphone To Be Your New Instant Checkup Port

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Smartphone TrackingToday there are many medical issues which require a brief analysis to diagnose the situation and evaluate which sort of further treatment would be necessary. Small tests such as these which include checking one’s sugar levels, or blood pressure and various other such things are more commonly referred to as Rapid Diagnostic Tests. These tests maybe simple enough to perform and also give an insight about what the problem could be, there is always the possibility of error, be it human error or otherwise, underlying the entire test. Work to make these RDTs more accurate and more trustworthy is being done by a group of scientists in the labs of UCLA.
As is the case with many RDTs, for example a quick blood type evaluation RDT, requires a small droplet of the substance onto a plastic or paper based strip. This strip is then treated with various chemicals and sent about the normal procedure in order to get the desired result. The result is interpreted by the doctor and based on the diagnosis a conclusion is drawn. However the part of the activity which requires evaluation by a human eye can be subject to human error, and this is the part of the procedure the UCLA researchers have tried make free of human error by removing the human element entirely. To solve this, a new digital solution has been developed and this will mean that there is now a universal RDT reader. With this new digital reader there is greater standardization in the results that are found and the results are error free.
What makes this new development in RDT analysis brilliant is the fact that it is designed to be a versatile and easy to use, and it can be much easier than being able to attach this device to your smart phone. Weighing in at a mere 65 grams it is an interesting accessory to have with yourself to easily snap on to your phone whenever the need be. It is powered not from your phone but its own battery pack consisting of two double ‘A’ sized batteries; it has a lens and also three LEDs. This is all that is needed to run the gadget and once it is connected to your phone you can insert the strip containing the substance being tested in to the device. The image of the inserted strip is given a digital form and by doing so you can view the image on your smart phones screen. All the necessary information, values and details can be easily seen on the screen. As yet the device has been through a testing phase, being employed on both iOS devices as well as Android smart phones, from both platforms, good results have been seen.
This is not all that the device can do and in fact with the addition of an app it is possible to make your findings even more error free. The app will evaluate the situation and tell the user whether or not the findings from the device are even relevant to begin with and if the RDT was performed properly. Once that is clear it will also tell you whether it is a positive or negative result. This same reader which will help you solve a medical query will also help others by forwarding the information gathered from this RDT to a remote server. This server will keep information from all the devices which are using the device and will house the findings of each test that is run. The server will also map where these users are and when the findings are generated and will help in keeping an eye on the spread of any disease or medical matter.
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