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Why You Should Buy an Older Generation iPhone

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Older generation iPhone's
Older generation iPhone’s
Ever since the first iPhone was released in 2007, each year Apple has released a new version, and each year people are willing to part with a lot of cash to get it. Most people naturally want the latest iPhone because of the hype and buzz surrounding it, but a closer look at the pros and cons will show that getting an older generation iPhone may be the wiser choose.

It will be better, but not by much

The first iPhone was a revolutionary product that completely changed the smartphone industry. Now, new iPhones are generally considered the best in the market, but they are not revolutionary. Each new iPhone does offer improvements, but not by much. The smartphone industry has reached the point of where phones will improve gradually but not by leaps and bounds as they used to before.

Past models still are top notch phones

Apple is known for making products that have a long life cycle. Older models of iPhones are still very competitive phones, even when compared to the newest smartphones on the market. They can satisfy all the basic phone uses plus much more with the wide variety of apps that are available.

You can get the latest software for free

The good thing about iPhones is that a new software update is almost comparable to getting a new phone. Apple is very good with supporting their older generation iPhones and provides free updates for phones that are even several years old. That way you can keep up with the times without having to spend money on a new phone.

Save money

Thanks to prices drops and subsidies, you can get an older iPhone for free with a two year contract. That is a great deal considering that iPhones generally hold their value very well. You can even get the previous generation iPhone for a major discount at most carriers which just might give you more bang for the buck than buying the newest model. Apple also usually has great deals on refurbished iPhones.
When considering all the pros and cons, it really makes more sense to buy an older generation iPhone versus buying a new one. With an older model you can save money while getting many of the same features and services that you would with the latest model. Plus Apple engineers such good phones that even an older model will not be too far behind the leading models on the market. 
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Melisa Cammack is a self-admitted Apple fanatic, who has been freelance writing for several years. Purchased through Bell, iPhone 5’s features have both amazed and disappointed Melisa, but still firmly believes that other mobile phone(s) cannot compete.
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