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Unlimited Free Calling Without Internet

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Fuzebox Free Unlimited Call Without Internet

There are many Apps(Skype, Net2Phone and Many More)  work on VOIP (“Voice Over Internet Protocol” is a communication protocols over internet) which allow you to make call from your Computer or your “Smartphone” Absolutely free, All we need is Hi-Speed internet (More Than 128 kbps) Enabled Computer or Mobile Phone.


  • We Can Make Call Any Where in World to any Destination Free or on Affordable Price.
  • It Also used your Same Caller ID.
  • You can manage your Contact on the App.


  • High Speed internet Requirement
There are other Many Apps(Rebtel, Vox) which allow you directly call from your app to other one cell number absolutely free. These come with free trail.

Now Main Problem is What To Do If We Don’t Have Internet

So Here we find a solution for you, if you don’t have internet connection.
  • No Need Of Internet 
  • You can call unlimited to any where free for 14 Days trail.
 Follow These Simple Step to Get Free Unlimited calls for 14 Days:
  1. Register Here For You Free Trail.
  2. Fill all of your details and click on “Start Your Free Trail“.
  3. Now Check You Email which comes From “Fuze Meeting”  , There Will be “Audio Conference Moderator Pin”and “Audio Conference Attendee Pin” Note it .
  4. Now Dial 0008000016688 (“Toll Free“) and Enter Audio Conference Moderator Pin and put # in the End.
  5. After this your call will be placed in conference, Now Provide your friend toll free number and Audio Conference Attendee Pin” details.
  6. Then your friend to Dial  0008000016688 (“Toll Free“) and enter Audio Conference Attendee Pin”.
  7. After  this your call will be connected , Enjoy Your Free Calling .


  • You can Call unlimited free call without internet for 14 Days Trail.
  • You can also use it as conference call(Group Call) by providing your Attendee Detail to many people.
  • Stay Connected with Friend on video by using Fuze Desktop or Mobile App(This will need internet connection). 


  • There is only one con in this is , There should be a 1 sec communication Gap .
Fuzebox Free Unlimited Call Without Internet

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