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Turbo C or C++ Full Screen In Window 7 or Vista

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===> TC in Full Screen <===
There are two method to resolve TC(Turbo C) problem in Window 7 or Window Vista!
We face many difficulty when we operate the Turbo C or C++ on Window 7 or Vista !
 When we Click on Ignore then we get the small screen Turbo C compiler like this:
Because it build upon the 16 bit configuration so that when we run Turbo C on 32 Bit  System or 64 bit System it will give an error!

Problems In TC On Window 7 or Vista:
1> No full Screen of TC
2>Not able to run Graphics Program on TC
Now How to Simply Work on the TC in Full Screen :

Step. 1.  Start the Turbo C compiler , and click on the Ignore !

Step. 2.  Now go to the upper bar of TC and click left click on that like this on highlight place:

Step. 3.  Now click on ” Properties “.

Step. 4. When you click on the option you get an option like this:
Step. 5. Now change the Font : a) Consolas   or  b) Lucide Console !

Step. 6. Now Select Size=28(Recommended)  or any size you want for your choice !

Step. 7. Click OK!

Step. 8. Its Done!!! 🙂

Note: This full screen TC procedure is not fully functional its Just Give Full Screen View!

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