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Tricks to use to boost the performance of android gadgets

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Android is a powerful platform that infuses functionality with entertainment and creates a very resourceful ally for you to rely on in times of need. Whether you own a budget handset or the latest state-of-the-art gizmo, when carefully tweaked, functioning of all android based gadgets are established by the apps downloaded from the Google Play store or any other app centers to the gadgets. These apps, with time, either are replaced with better ones or upgraded to newer versions. In all these progression, the performance of the gadget is visibly seen to degenerate in terms of speed of execution or frequency of use. There are however tricks and methods that can be used to boost the performance of android based gadgets.
boost the performance of android

1. Know the gadget

Before you proceed to start downloading apps into your appliance, do take time to read the manual provided in details, with special emphasis on the storage capacity of your gadget, the hours for charging battery, the life of battery, etc. Also, research on the plus and minus points of your gadget, from internet and friends or associates. This will give a comprehensible picture to exploit the gizmo for maximum advantage and know its limitations too. In addition, while downloading apps with specific considerations you will have a firsthand knowledge whether it would be appropriate for your device or not.

2. Download latest OS version

With each updated version of Android, Google brings forth a batch of user-friendly features with a smoother and swifter version, which aims for maximum benefit for your device. To take advantage of these latest technological boosts, keep updating the android operating systems at regular intervals. The newer versions will not only give you a better performing platform but also ensures stability and fluidity of your gadget.

3. Groom up the apps regularly

As in the real world, your apps also need to be groomed and tweaked regularly for giving you best results. Grooming here, means to delete redundant apps, update latest versions of the commonly used ones and opt for lighter versions of the ones in use. Every app that you download to your device eats on a portion of the storage space, sucks on the battery life as it runs in the background and thus, slows the over all device operations. Hence, uninstall apps that you have not used over one week or more. Most probably, you do not need these apps in the first place. Secondly, look out for newer and lighter versions of the apps you commonly use in the Google Play store. Google keeps coming up always with better versions of the existing apps that are more reliable and faster and uses less battery life.

4. High storage facility

The best reason for owning an Android based gadget are the wide range of apps and games you come across in the Google store. To store these games, apps and other downloadable features the memory space is one important structure. Usually all type of gadgets come with a limited internal memory space with a variable external memory slot. Getting hold of good quality high-speed external memory card not only gives you a wider playing space but also heightens the working of the gadget.

5. Recognize the common battery killers

There are plenty of redundant features that are packed into your device that acts as real spoilers dampening the performance of your device and eating into its battery life. It is very important here to recognize the functionality of each feature there in your gadget. Firstly, widgets running on your device are actively gulping down huge resources of your device slowing its speed and operations. So keep unnecessary widgets in its inactive mode for better speed. Secondly, avoid dressy or live wallpapers that are good to see but are seriously draining out more juice through heavy-duty cycle runs of your CPU. Finally keep an eye on the sync and animation features of your various tools and apps in your device. As they function by refreshing every few seconds, this hogs on the CPU cycle time-to-time slowing down the machine and causing operation delays.


The possibilities are endless when your device is armed with the Android operating system. The benefits can be reaped only if you are enthusiastic and interested to keep updating and stay in touch with the latest news from the Google news desk. The high-pitched and exalted common desire is to have a device that has good battery life and speedy execution of actions. To attain it best, stick to the tricks stated above. Moreover, the golden rule is to keep to the minimum tools and apps for speedy and lag free functioning than stock up with piles of apps till your device turns dead around the corner.

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