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Tips for beginners to start Offline SEO for website

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Tips for beginners to start Offline SEO for website
Tips for beginners to start Offline SEO for website
After the launch of website and it being hosted on the world wide web everbody would want users or traffic to come in. The more people come to know about your website, the more the chances of getting revenue from the web site and ultimately the goal of launching the website is fulfilled. Other than highlighting your website through online SEO you can also use offline SEO techniques to get your website promoted. Here are a few simple tips to promote your website offline.
Social Media Marketing
As a beginner it is one of the most important tools you should be looking to promote your website through. Put the logo of your website and the link of the website in your social networking page so as to inform all your friends about the new website which you have launched. Try to keep the users interested by mentioning the advantage of visitng the website. Try to place the keywords of your website in the links so that it is searched by SEO. Also, try to create a page of your own in Social Networking sites and provide updates about your business in brief to keep the user interested and informed.
Create Back Links in Public forums and Blogs
To promote your website and to bring in traffic you should also create back links of your website in public forums. Instead of answering users query on the forum provide them with a brief about their answer and give a link to your website. 
Article Marketing
Article marketing is also one of the important tools for the beginners. Their are websites which post articles written by users which are benefical for the readers as well as they bring specific customers to your website. But make sure the article you write is of good quality and it should impress the users.
Banner Placement in Other WebSite
It is a costly affair when you put your banner in some other company’s web site. You will be able to put the banner only if your website has got some reputation in the market. Any other website owner will place your banner only when it brings traffic to their web site without damaging their own reputation or goodwill.
Other than the www SEO tools there are many other offline ways which you should make use of as a beginner to get your website searched and noticed. A few of them are:
Business Cards
Always have your website URL and your company logo printed in your business card. Whenever you meet new people they come to know about your website. Also print the website address in all other businees cards of your coworkers.
Company Letter head and Emails
Make a habit that whenever you send an email you mention your website address in it. If you are sending any letter then mention the website address in the letter head. 
T.V. and Radio Ads
You can advertise in the television or radio to promote your website providing users with the details of your website and what product are you dealing in. 
Articles for Paper and Magazines
Write articles for paper and magazines. Do remember to highlight your website name in your article.
Since as a beginner it is important to promote your website and pull traffic in it, only online SEO tools are insufficient in such case. It is offline SEO measures along with online SEO tools and techniques that can help you reach your goal. 
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