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The Essentials of Google’s Knowledge Graph

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Google's Knowledge Graph
If there’s one brand in the online world that everyone knows, it’s Google. Not only does it function as your gateway to the vast Internet world, it’s also largely considered as the best search engine. With Google, when you go on a search, it’s not necessarily you looking for a simple web page, it’s you looking for answers—and Google manages to get it for you every single time. 
To make your access more convenient and Google has recently launched a new feature called the Google Knowledge Graph. It is one of the most useful tools on Google which brings an interconnected collection of data generated from different sources online. This feature gives the user a way to find the distinct and more refined result for their search. Instead of finding random results based on the keywords, the Google results are now more refined and closely linked to the users. 
But before making a complete use of this fantastic tool it is very essential to conceive some of the important points. Let us have a look at some:
  • Your search results are now redefined – if you want to see this application/ tool in action, you can simply take an example of typing a name of any city. Once you enter your search you will find some group of information on the right side of the screen that will provide you the summary of the city, its full details with maps and key facts. Google will highlight the similarly constructed Knowledge Graph for a vast number of search queries related to the topic.
  • Google brings lots of data in its knowledge graph– Google Knowledge Graph database currently contains 500 million objects and more than 3.5 million facts about the relationship between the relevant information. The information supported in this database is fine tuned based on the search behavior of the millions of users. Google normally extracts general information from public sources like Freebase and Wikipedia to crust its knowledge engine.
  • The attractive new features definitely help to make unexpected discoveries – when you start your searches you will notice a feature called “People also search for…..
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