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The Best E-Commerce Plugin For WordPress

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WordPress is a most popular CMS amongst world. It is good for SEO as well as Managing content. We can customize our site in WordPress by installing themes and plugins. Plugin integration is the most interesting feature of WordPress, we can add multiple plugin for SEO, E-Commerce, Comments and social features to customize our site. 
Today I’ll tell you about the most useful plugin for E-Commerce integration in WordPress, which can help you in diverting your mind from magento or any other E-Commerce framework.
WP-Ecommerce is a great shop plugin for WordPress, which will allow you to add products in list and their prices. User can add products in cart and after selecting there products user can go for checkout. It’s very powerful and can also be customized with loads of plugins to make it more reliable and optimized.
WP-Ecommerce already have lots of feature but to make it more better and professional you must use WP eCommerce Shop Styling .
You must be thinking why WP eCommerce Shop Styling, So here are some of his feature which you must know :
  • Customized HTML mail templates for all wordpress mails
  • Customized mail content and formatting for all wpsc mails
  • Personalization of mails and transaction results
  • Edit the products table and use it in mails invoices and transaction result
  • Auto generated PDF invoice
  • Custom transaction result pages for different transaction states
and still updating time to time…
WP eCommerce Shop Styling allow you to formatting your order invoices over Email and PDF. You can change your company logo and other useful information about your E-shop. You can customize E-mail HTML formatting easily in WYSIWYG.
WP eCommerce Shop Styling plugin is free in base version , in which you can change only your company details but can’t format you invoice . to use it full feature you must install its two upgrades:
1. for Transaction results 
2. for PDF invoices
you can take both upgrade with huge discount.
E-Commercer Plugin
Main Page View of Plugin

E-Commercer Plugin
Invoice Templet
To know more about this app Click Here
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