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The Basic Knowledge of Website Design that a Business Owner Must Have

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It’s obvious that all of us, i.e. small business owners have launched a website for our businesses. But don’t you guys feel frustrated for not having a little knowledge regarding the features of your own website? It is really disappointed that whenever you wish to make some little changes you have to depend upon your professional designers. Personally, I felt it to be quite disgusting and decided to learn the basics of web designing on my own; and believe me, it was indeed a nice experience to know the amazing facts and it didn’t cost me much time either. If you have not yet taken an attempt to learn the basics, this is the time to make a change. Just have a look at the post as I have shared my experience briefly –

  • What is a CMS – If you can’t afford to learn the technical details simply opt for a CMS Website. Now what is that? A CMS (Content Management System) website is a framework within which you can add, delete or edit the contents even without knowing the technical details of HTML or CSS or Dream Weaver.
  • Post a blog article – Content marketing is an essential tool for every small business owners. As most people are realizing now that blogging is the most useful way to earn the favors of search engines and get a higher ranking in the SERP. Hence, it is important to post an informative as well as user friendly content.
  • How to change a text or a typo – Though it seems to be ridiculous but unfortunately it’s true! Many of the business owners don’t even posses the skill to do these little changes and if you are one of them don’t mind me saying that you are on the verge of losing your business.
  • Making and uploading a You Tube Video – In the present visual world it is important that you create a video for your business on you Tube. But what do you need for this? Only a camera, a computer and a net connection! Once you are done with the video just upload it in the site using a CMS website.
  • Rearranging a webpage – If you are provided with a CMS website it is going to be very easy for you to rearrange your website within a short period of time. And it is very important to reshuffle the design to know what works for your site best and how the customers are benefitted.
  • How to go social – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest – and we all want to be
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