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Valentines Cards

Valentine’s Day is typically thought of as a day for retailers dealing in chocolate, wine, lingerie, and other traditional or intimate gifts. While retailers still offer deals on this merchandise, both leading up to Valentine’s Day and in its aftermath to unload additional product, technological gifts have been surging in popularity over the past few years. Chocolate might be one way to say “I love you,” but it seems that more and more often people are choosing to use laptops, smartphones, and especially tablets to send the message instead. (1)

While it might be argued that Valentine’s Day isn’t even a real holiday, but is instead a Hallmark holiday; but that doesn’t stop merchants of all stripes from putting special deals and offerings out there for those who want to make the day special.(2) For the past five years, technology sales have been ramping up before Valentine’s Day, which has led to a lot of retailers taking notice. Whether its online sales or showroom shopping, the numbers don’t lie; people are looking to get technological toys and tools for their loved ones on their special days.

Valentines Cards

Like any other type of gift though, running sales on and before Valentine’s Day isn’t always enough for the profit margins. That’s where the post-Valentine’s Day sales come in. Whether it’s a way to offload merchandise that didn’t make the cut, or just to extend the sale a bit longer, many retailers will offer discounts and deals for days, or perhaps even weeks, after Valentine’s Day. Tablets, phones, laptops, and a slew of accessories and other gadgets will keep their red-tag status, drawing the attention of all those looking for a good deal, or perhaps to make up for a Valentine’s Day that just didn’t go as well as they were hoping it would have.

Whether or not Valentine’s Day will ever become as big as Black Friday or the month of December for Christmas shoppers is something that can’t really be speculated on right now. However, Valentine’s Day is a growing day for deals. It’s also important to remember that just because someone misses the initial lead up to the holiday that doesn’t mean that he or she can’t still pick up tablets and other technological toys for a good price after the holiday’s hubbub is over. In fact, for some people, swooping in for the post-Valentine’s Day deals found at well-established company sites, such as http://www.toshiba.ca/Consumer/Laptops_Tablets_Desktops/Tablets/, might actually offer even better bargains.



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Carbon Fiber Skins, iPhone

If you have ever had your smartphone slip from your hand and shatter, or you have seen one that has, you know that this disaster is costly and must be prevented. Offering superior protection for your phone that is light weight, thin, and fits like a glove is the mission of the carbon fiber nexus 5 skins. By using materials bound together with heat and pressure, this superior grade, official 3M vinyl composite cover takes the pressure off of you by providing both safety and personalization for the device you depend on most.


Employing carbon fiber to produce a cover that is exceedingly strong, light weight, and one which can also be molded into the desirable texture of materials such as leather, metal, or wood in the exact colour desired, these covers are guaranteed to shelter your phone in elegance while they resist scratching and fading themselves. Protection of this caliber will not only prevent downtime due to the loss of a functioning phone, it will also increase your phones resale value when you upgrade to a new model. High-end skins such as these can be found online from quality retailers such as dbrandinc.

Carbon Fiber Skins, iPhone

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For years, this technology has been useful in both the weapons and aerospace industries. Now it is available to shield the everyday electronic devices which you depend upon. Whether you are a parent driving carpool or a civil engineer at the job site, the essential device which guarantees your success is the cellular smartphone. Such an important tool demands a superior cover to shield it from disaster. Without adding bulk or weight, these protective carbon fiber cases save not only money, but time and critical information in preventing your smartphone from shattering if it slips from your hand or off your work station.

The carbon fiber nexus 5 skins also offer you an opportunity to personalize your device by choosing unique texture and colour combinations. With a customized case, there is less chance you will pick up someone else’s phone by mistake. Experts agree that carbon fiber technology provides protection in an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and durable case. While such covers cost more than the standard plastic case, the added strength, beauty, and security are worth the money. Rubber or hard plastic phone covers are extremely bulky and not very stylish. They wrap your phone in a layer of protection but sacrifice functionality for protection. Many hard plastic covers make it near impossible to use volume and power buttons without pressing extremely hard to activate the phones abilities. The carbon skins are incredibly strong, while still offering sleekness and style.



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Are you confused between Android and iOS, which one to go for? Don’t be, as we are going to take you through few of the facts and figures that will help you out to decide, as which one you should go for.
Android vs ios6
Android vsiOS

iOS is limited, but Android is not:

iOS is the operating system that is dedicated to Apple’s devices, however Google has given leverages to many manufacturers to use Android as a platform in their devices. Manufactures make little adjustments to this platform, according to their design and functionality to make the most use of it. This gives a chance to the Android users to use wide variety of phones such as Samsung, LG and so on.

Flexibility of apps:

Both Android and iOS have more or less similar quantity of apps. Apple is a bit strict with the applications it provides. However, Android gives you a platform to tune up your phone with custom apps.

Ease of typing:

iOS has a smarter typing provision, as it guesses the word almost correctly that the user wants to be type. However, it is not the same with Android, as it often makes mistakes in predicting the word.


Apple made an attempt to outsmart Google Maps, by developing its own mapping service, but ended up in disaster. The biggest negative of Apple maps is that it doesn’t provide the transit directions. However, Google has provided its users with 3D maps along with offline maps and offline maps are doing great among the Android users.


It is world famous that no device can compete with Apple on the user experience factor. It dedicates its idea for a single operating system on the same phone, which is why it works for the eventual betterment of the performance. If you want to have a hassle free user experience, then Apple is the option for you and if you enjoy having unlimited options, then you must go for Android.
Both the operating systems have their own flaws.Now it is you, who has to take the call of choosing the phone that would satisfy your needs and demands.
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