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When it comes to preserving memories of the past, we, as a species, have all but
mastered this domain. While our physical, or spiritual, memory keeping devices, our brains, are
prone to distorting our memories upon each remembrance, we have been able to combat this
failing of our own selves via the myriad wonders of technology. We now have access to several
potent devices that can preserve our memories in the most objective form possible, and, as I am
sure you are aware, these devices are everywhere and fairly affordable. As a matter of fact, our
cell phones, which are really tiny super computers, have built in cameras to take pictures and
record video. While the quality may be found wanting in many cases, keep in mind that this
functionality is a bonus on top of the ability to make phone calls and connect to the internet from
nearly anywhere. A dedicated camera can grant you the ability to preserve your most important
memories in much better detail at a price comparable to that of a new cell phone. Of course, the
basic technology on display here is nothing new. As the very concept of cinema is over a
hundred years old by this point, and photography even older, this information isn’t a surprise,
though I still find it surprising how available it all is, along with all of the other technological
wonders we have at our disposal. And, the devices themselves are only the beginning.

Developing photos from film is another ancient relic of human civilization at this point,
of course, but now we actually don’t really need film. Many cameras still take film, but most do
not. That, in and of itself, is a great boon to us. However, it gets even better. Because of the
lack of film involved, and of course, the presence of equivalent data, you can have photos
“developed” over the internet and simply shipped to you via a service like Shutterfly, and you
can even customize your prints in a variety of ways. Before you even consider printing your
videos, photo editing software is available to help you turn a simple photo into a more unique
and expressive photo, and you can do so with ease now that the basics of such software is
simply a feature of apps like Instagram. Then, of course, we have to talk more in depth about
social media’s role in memory preservation. Now, you don’t have to even print your photos to
save them. Online storage of a few kinds is available, but one such storage unit is actually an
online display of your photography, video, and other details of your life you’d like to share.
As you can plainly see, humanity has done the impossible yet again and conquered
one of the many fallibilities of the human mind with the power of technology. And, keep in mind
that this is before we have even really figured out the brain as an organ. We don’t even know
why we dream, but we have found a way to preserve memories virtually forever. Not only past
the point of distortion or forgetfulness, but even beyond the borders of our own lifetimes.