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Blogging Tools

It seems that everyone you look, someone has a blog or website. Whether it is sharing gardening techniques or providing the latest stock market analysis, the information boom is as strong as ever, and continuing to grow.

What many people do not realize is that they are potential bloggers themselves. They have knowledge and expertise about a range of subjects that others would love to read about. Blog topics on the web range from everything from gardening and finance as mentioned above, to cooking, pet care, health issues, fashion, etc. The list is unlimited!

But how do you get started? The first steps include choosing and registering a domain name, obtaining hosting service, and creating your web site or blog page. There are a number of providers, such as networksolutions.com, that provide all of these services at rates that are surprisingly low. In fact, some services can be obtained for free.

It is also important to choose carefully when setting up your domain name and choosing your web services. A domain name that is too long can actually dissuade visitors to your site. For example, instead of choosing “www.everythingiloveaboutgardening.com”, go with a simpler domain such as “www.lovemygarden.com” if it is available.

Choose a website design that is pleasing to the eye without overloading the viewer with images that may be too busy. The audience will better understand the theme of the site with a few well-placed images along with complementary text. However, too much text without sufficient imagery will also adversely affect your audience. Images generate interest, so use them wisely.

Once your site is up, start blogging! You may find that you have so much to say that you don’t know where to begin. If so, that’s okay – you can break your information down into categories and choose a different category each week, and write a blog within each category daily.

It is also a good idea to include a method for your audience to interact with you. Comments and questions from your readers will generate loyalty to your site, and will also help you to make a good site even better. To learn more about how to set up email or other contact methods for your site visitors, or to discover other ways to enhance your site, contact your website services provider.

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Advertising or propagating something on the net does not have to be a text communication anymore, though they have their own merits. You must already know a lot of ways to carry out the task but there is a fun way to do it. It is Twibbon. Which many of you must have heard of or even have used it.

Effect of Twibbon

A Twibbon, as you could have guessed, is a portmanteau of the words Twitter and ribbon. You can put it to use in Twitter and Facebook. You can support any cause that you have taken a fancy to. The central point of it all is having fun. Nothing serious about it though you can maximize the effect of your avatars by adding Twibbon to them. The timely addition makes your profile more appealing and can probably make your campaigns more effective.

Be Current


For instance, if you had added the picture or caricature Oscar statuette to your profile during the recent Oscars ceremony, people would have thought you smart. The possibilities are endless. You can add Santa Clause during Christmas or you can add a football during the Super Bowl. Only, be sure to add something that the visitors would immediately see the connection of and which would bring a smile to their faces. You can cleverly use Twibbons to promote your business too. Say you are manufacturing and marketing baby bedding sets comprising of pillows, mattresses and Sleeping Bags …the works! You can keep changing the Twibbons from one item to another. This requires removing the current one that is to be replaced by the new one.  


 Go to Twibbon.com, log in with Facebook or Twitter handle. Find the Twibbon in Google or from your computer. After selecting, click on the Support This button you find next to the image. There you are! Your Twibbon is in place!

You should keep in mind that, by their very nature, Twibbons cannot be a permanent fixture in your Twitter profile. When the purpose of one is past its utility, you had better remove it so that your profile does not give a stale impression.  A surprisingly large number of people who have created a Twibbon do not have a clue when it comes to removing them.  It is no really a tough job; it indeed is an easy one.


Go to http://twibbon.com first and login with your Twitter or Facebook handle. You can see your Twitter of Facebook name in the corner on the right side of your screen and My Profile. Click on it.  The page will now show your current avatar in the middle of the screen. There would be two tabs above it: Profile and History. Click on History.  Now, choose the avatar  you are currently using and click on the Revert button below it. The next screen will appear now.  You will now have to choose the original avatar you had created earlier that was replaced by your Twibbon. When the next screen appears, you must confirm your action by clicking Make This My Profile Image.

That is it, have fun!

Written By:

Adam Prattler is a self taught web designer. His strength is in producing beautiful HTML5 codes. He also takes up video lectures on how to create a website and strategize digital media strategies for various brands online.

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Valentines Cards

Valentine’s Day is typically thought of as a day for retailers dealing in chocolate, wine, lingerie, and other traditional or intimate gifts. While retailers still offer deals on this merchandise, both leading up to Valentine’s Day and in its aftermath to unload additional product, technological gifts have been surging in popularity over the past few years. Chocolate might be one way to say “I love you,” but it seems that more and more often people are choosing to use laptops, smartphones, and especially tablets to send the message instead. (1)

While it might be argued that Valentine’s Day isn’t even a real holiday, but is instead a Hallmark holiday; but that doesn’t stop merchants of all stripes from putting special deals and offerings out there for those who want to make the day special.(2) For the past five years, technology sales have been ramping up before Valentine’s Day, which has led to a lot of retailers taking notice. Whether its online sales or showroom shopping, the numbers don’t lie; people are looking to get technological toys and tools for their loved ones on their special days.

Valentines Cards

Like any other type of gift though, running sales on and before Valentine’s Day isn’t always enough for the profit margins. That’s where the post-Valentine’s Day sales come in. Whether it’s a way to offload merchandise that didn’t make the cut, or just to extend the sale a bit longer, many retailers will offer discounts and deals for days, or perhaps even weeks, after Valentine’s Day. Tablets, phones, laptops, and a slew of accessories and other gadgets will keep their red-tag status, drawing the attention of all those looking for a good deal, or perhaps to make up for a Valentine’s Day that just didn’t go as well as they were hoping it would have.

Whether or not Valentine’s Day will ever become as big as Black Friday or the month of December for Christmas shoppers is something that can’t really be speculated on right now. However, Valentine’s Day is a growing day for deals. It’s also important to remember that just because someone misses the initial lead up to the holiday that doesn’t mean that he or she can’t still pick up tablets and other technological toys for a good price after the holiday’s hubbub is over. In fact, for some people, swooping in for the post-Valentine’s Day deals found at well-established company sites, such as http://www.toshiba.ca/Consumer/Laptops_Tablets_Desktops/Tablets/, might actually offer even better bargains.



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