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Splendid Invitation Designs for your Inspiration

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Invitations are used regularly to invite friends and family along to your special occasion; whether that’s a wedding, a birthday party, an engagement party or some other type of get-together, invitations are the most commonly used way of inviting these people to your planned special event. 

On an invitation you should find details about the special occasion (what it is, who it’s for), details about the time and the place the event is being held, plus any other essential information like directions, dress code, food information etc. Of course, the invitation usually has a RSVP section in which it has the contact details for the person hosting the event, so that you can content them and let them know whether or not you will be attending the event (this gives them a chance to make sure they have enough of everything to cater for all of the attendees).

Invitations come in a whole range of different designs depending on the occasion. We tend to see themes based on the actual event (so you’ll have wedding themed invites, party themed invites, kids themed invites and such), but you also get male and female style invitations, however that’s more in the youth birthday party area.
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The best way to make your special occasion seem even more special from the get-go, is by making your own custom invitations. By using a custom invitation which is unique to you and your special occasion, you’re making it that bit more special, not only to yourself, but to everyone who receives an invite. Custom invitations tend to live on a lot longer than a standard shop purchased one too – which tend to end up in the trash can after RSVP’ing.
I’ve put together a little collection of some truly amazing custom designed invitations, for parties, weddings, engagements etc. Take a look through these and hopefully you’ll quickly get some great ideas which you can incorporate to your own invitations.
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