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Should You Deploy a Mobile eCommerce Solution?

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Smartphones are becoming increasingly more common, especially iPhones or those that run on the Android Operating System, of course this adding a new type of revenue stream for your business to exploit. Whilst customers can use their internet browser that is built into their smartphone for browsing your website it is hardly the most ideal solution. They would constantly be zooming in and out to look at the information that is on the screen, eventually many would give up before making a purchase. A mobile eCommerce application is built around the mobile operating system and therefore makes the customer’s experience of browsing your product range that much easier, and thereby increasing the chances of them making a purchase.
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The benefit of mobile eCommerce is that your customers are able to purchase your products on the go, especially useful if they are comparing your products prices whilst shopping on the high street. Of course you could take the cheaper route and allow your customers to browse your website through their inbuilt internet browser, but very few people will do this, and those that do will become easily frustrated with the experience. Luckily with the advent of smartphones we are easily able to improve the customer experience through the use of mobile applications. In the past this may have come at great cost to businesses, making it only a possibility for the largest of companies that could afford to employ programmers, but the launch of a new piece of software called mob eCommerce has made this an incredibly cost effective solution.
Having a Mobile eCommerce Store will give you another revenue stream, which is always handy. You will also have your business placed right in the eyes of millions of smartphone users. This of course is fantastic as before you have had to have spent a lot on search engine optimization or invest a lot in advertising. The sooner you get in on this craze, the more benefits you will reap. I am sure that pretty soon this market will become incredibly saturated and it will be that much more difficult to make your company stand out. Finally the customer is much more likely to make a purchase from you if you have an app, it just makes the process much simpler having to press only one thing to access your product range.
So why use mob eCommerce? Well since it is a piece of software that has already been developed it is incredibly quick to deploy to the app stores. On top of this there are no high costs to pay for a new piece of software to be developed and maintained, in fact there is just a onetime charge and that is it. The software is easily integrated with your current mobile shopping cart system, and any changes made there will be instantly reflected in the mobile app, thereby reducing the time needed for administration of the application. The user interface is also fairly standard, which makes it much more intuitive for your customers to use your mobile app, which decreases aggravation. Remember, a happy customer is much more likely to make a purchase.
Deployment of a Mobile eCommerce is a worthwhile investment for your business, you will see your turnover benefit greatly from this revenue stream, and top it all off it is incredibly easy to implement, especially if you use mob eCommerce. Just think how great it would be to see your app on that store alongside big companies such as Amazon and eBay.
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This article was written by Krish Kash, he is a Marketing Manager and technology blogger specializing in mobile app development, facebook online store and mobile Commerce.
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