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We are familiar with Torrent , Its is the global sharing center , where any one can share from his computer to other.  if you need nay application , Patch , and other content which are not easily available or not available free of cost , you can get easily from torrent.
But the only disadvantage is, In torrent file download, the downloading speed depended upon the peer/seeker of the specific file, So you can say downloading speed of a torrent file is directly processional to the No. of peer’s/Seeker’s.
So we have to wait for the response of peer’s , sometime we find no peer’s are available,this causes , our torrent downloading stop.
So to overcome this problem we use IDM (Internet Download Manager) , whose downloading speed is dependent upon the speed of your network, and other advantage of downloading torrent by IDM is we do not need to upload a single byte over torrent. 🙂
So Here I’ll tell you how you can download Torrent by IDM
Step 1: Search and Download Torrent File(Which file you want to download) in your computer from torrent search engine or by using Google.
Step 2: After Downloading Torrent File (.torrent) , Click Here
Step 3: Now upload torrent file from you desktop by clicking on “Upload .torrent file”, after selecting file  Click on “Go!”.
Step 4: Now it asking for account preference “Free” or “Premium” , click on “Free” .
Step 5 : Now you can see , this web site start downloading the torrent’s file on their server with very high speed (Max i see is 32MB/Sec ).
Step 6: it take 1-2 minutes for 1GB size torrent’s file , after this site done with downloading , Click on “Zip” to download .
Step 7: Now , it again asking for account preference , select again “Free” or you can buy premium account too for unlimited downloading.
Step 8: Its done , Enjoy The Torrent Downloading experiance with IDM , with a relaible and standard speed , and no need to upload a bit too.
Share This , Sharing Is Caring.