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Replace Your Laptop with a Tablet

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This is Guest Post By Heather C.
When the iPad first came out, many people wondered why they’d need it. After all, the thinking went, if you have an iPhone or an Android phone, and you have a computer, especially a laptop, why do you need anything in between?
That “in between” reputation soon went by the wayside as tablets gained traction and users realized just how much you can do with a tablet, whether it is an iPad , an Android, or some other flavor of tablet, such as a Blackberry Playbook.
You may still wonder, however, whether you can replace your laptop with a tablet. Before making such significant financial decision, it is natural to weigh the costs and options, like comparing car insurance rates. Here are seven reasons the choice will be a lot easier than you might expect.

1. Peripheral devices make the tablet more like a computer.

Interacting with a tablet used to mean tapping on the screen. This limited most people’s desire to type documents or even long emails. With the advent of external keyboards, typing is as simple and easy as it is on your laptop. With a mouse and keyboard, you’ve got a complete workstation in your tablet.

2. The web is more interactive.

Web surfing is actually much better on a tablet, because of the touchscreen. Zooming in or out or moving around the page with gestures feels more natural, once you’ve used a tablet for a while, than moving the mouse and clicking.

3. Email is easy.

Most tablets can be set up to access your company email, as well as your Gmail or other personal email account. Sending and receiving email from your tablet is a lot like sending a text from your phone, and if you have an external keyboard you won’t notice a difference in typing on your tablet or on your laptop.

4. Apps abound.

Whatever you need to do on your laptop, chances are you can find an app that will do it. For instance, SalesForce and other customer relationship management (CRM) software programs have apps for tablets. Whether you need a productivity solution, reference or communications, you’re sure to find an app that will fit your needs.

5. Create and edit documents.

If you use your laptop for writing or taking notes, you’ll find that your tablet can do both quite well. Whether you use a “pen” app that allows you to draw on the screen with your finger, a voice recorder app, or a conventional word processing app, you can easily take notes and create and edit documents on your tablet. Some tablets can even run full versions of Microsoft Word.

6. Create and edit spreadsheets.

You may be surprised to find that many tablets can use spreadsheet software. In general you can make charts and use formulas. However, not all tablets support advanced spreadsheet functionality such as macros, so if spreadsheets are important you’ll want to consider that.

7. Give great presentations.

Tablet displays are a perfect size for presentations to small groups, and their bright displays make them good “mobile projectors.” For larger groups you can connect your tablet to a projector and use your tablet for presentations the same way you would lose your laptop.
The primary concerns most people have about switching from a laptop to a tablet are whether they’ll be able to access email, whether they’ll be able to do the things they now do using programs on their software, and whether they’ll be able to use office suite programs like word processing and spreadsheets.
As you can see, tablets readily support email. Almost any program that exists for the PC or Mac has a counterpart app, usually by the same company. Office suite programs, including word processors and spreadsheets, allow you to work on your documents and spreadsheets on your tablet. And external keyboards and other peripherals allow you to use your tablet much the same way you’d use a laptop.
In addition, tablets are smaller and lighter and usually have brighter, clearer displays. They’re easier to hold, carry and handle, and the touchscreen makes interacting with the device much easier, especially in tight spaces.
If the question is, “Can I replace my laptop with a tablet,” the answer is a definite yes. If the question is,
“Should I replace my laptop with a tablet,” the answer again is a definite yes.
Author Bio:
Heather C. is freelance writer and tech enthusiast who frequently compares car insurance. Her car insurance rate comparisons save her money and time.
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