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Reliance 3G Netconnect is the fastest modem with speed: 7.2Mbps .
 Reliance use  HUAWEI E173 Modem for 7.2Mbps Speed  3G.

Prize of 7.2Mbps is worth : Rs.1950(approx)
I bought it in Rs. 1950 (including tax!)
Note: In RELIANCE NETCONNECT 3G, you don’t need to use only Reliance SIM. 

Because Its SIM based modem but without unlock we can use the different SIM for the internet connectivity .

  •  In  RELIANCE NETCONNECT 3G we can store our contacts.
  •  We can send and receive SMS on the modem directly.
  • Use all operator for connect with internet without unlock the modem.
  • It  consist the statistics of data and timing of used data and time trough the modem.
How to Use different operator SIM in Reliance Netconnect 3G  :
By default It consist Reliance setting !  RCOM GSM and RTL GSM

Now how to create connection for different Profile for other SIM operator!
Just Open Reliance 3G 
Goto Tools -> Option -> Profile Management
It open the Profile option menu ,In which you have to do:
  1. Click on New.
  2. Name the profile.
  3. Select APN Static.
  4. Write APN-Access Point Number
For e.g.  Different Operator APN:
 APN of TATA DOCOMO: tata.docomo.internet
APN of AIRTEL : airtelgprs.com
APN of AIRCEL : aircelgprs
APN of BSNL : bsnlnet
Then Click OK!
Now Go To connection, select new created profile and click on connect & Surf Net!

I use DOCOMO 2G ,But i select 3G only network and getting fabulous speed!

 Note : You also get 1 USB extension cable for extend the USB Port!

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