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Reddit tips for Bloggers

Reddit is often misunderstood. Most bloggers have no idea how it works and how to get relevant traffic from it. The thing is that Reddit users are a very cynical bunch and tend to also be very harsh to people who come off as even a little spammy. But it is possible to get great traffic and organic links from Reddit. Here are some tips to help you do so.
Reddit Tips For Blogger
Subreddit The first thing you have to do is pick a relevant subreddit. Subreddits are like niches. You will achieve nothing by posting your content in the wrong subreddit. You wouldn’t go sell heels to bodybuilders would you? Same applies here. Find the niche that is right for your post. There will generally be more than one, the trick is to experiment with the few subreddits that fit your category and see which sends more relevant traffic

Be consistentLike with any social media site, if you want to gather a following, you need to contribute something of value consistently. This can be rather time consuming and difficult to manage, especially if you are trying to manage other social media sites alongside Reddit. To semi automate this process and save time, I suggest using some sort of social media monitoring tool. If people like your posts you will accumulate a score called Reddit Karma. This will show other users that you are reliable and you have good posts, so when you do post your own content, people will be eager to check it out.

Don’t spamLike I mentioned in the intro, the Reddit community doesn’t respond too well to spam. So do not spam in any sense of the word, if you do people will down vote you into oblivion. It also counts as spam if you only submit your own content, no matter how good it is. But remember that you still want to be consistent and the best way to do this is by going out there and finding great content that is not made by you that the Reddit community would appreciate.

Use Reddit LingoThere are a lot of words that are only used on Reddit. These words are the Reddit slang. If you use these words it shows the rest of the Reddit members that you are not some random person but a member of this community as well. Here are a few you should learn:
  • AMA: ask me anything
  • TL;DR: The lesson dear reader
  • TIL: Today I learned…
  • DAE: Does anyone else…
  • IAmA: I am a….

Using Reddit for ideas
As bloggers we often get writer’s block and are unable to think up of interesting ideas to blog about. You can browse subreddits that are about your niche to find topics that your audience might be interested in reading about. Look for questions that people seem to have and cannot find the answers to. If one person asked a question chances are there are other people wondering about the same thing. This is a great way to get really original content that no one else has.

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