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Online Storage Up To 8 GB Using DROP BOX

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 ===>Always have your stuff when you need it<===
Drop Box is Online storage social site .As the name suggest Drop Your Data in empty Box, In which you can store your important data. It doesn’t have limit of uploading data like gmail and yahoo. So fell free and save your important data @DropBox.

By Click Hear you will get the  2.25 GB online storage space @DropBox:   Click Hear! 

Recovery of data: 
  • Now a days you don’t to worry loss of data by window crash and lost or crash of external storage disk.
  • You can Simply Store Your Data on internet and recover by download it again when ever you want .
  • Its very simple way just log in and click the file from your stirage to download.
  • Its the very safest ways to import/export data.

Recover Of Important Data

===>Keep Your Data With You<===
  • Doesn’t need to keep the external data storage device with you.
  • Where ever you go Data With You with 100% safety. 
  • Just login @DropBox and get your data where ever you want.

 ==>Share Data With Friend<==
  • Now you can share data with friend just send him link of your data.
  • You can share  direct a folder with any Friend
For E.g.
 You live in Delhi and your friend or family member live in US . You have 250MB Memory data .
  1. Now You Don’t Need To Mail The Pics In Many Mails.
  2. Just Upload the Pics folder and share it with your friend.
  3. Now your friend need to only download this folder on her/his computer or mobile.
Note: You can access DropBox through Mobile as well as Computer/Laptop/Notebook.

To Now How To Use DropBox In More Detail Just Click : Get More Detail!

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