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Guest Post By Ann Nguyen
People who spend time playing games online have been known to prefer to disable their antivirus software while playing as the constant messages and any update processes slow down their playing time. Games get interrupted and slowed down by certain processes that the software goes through.
However, disabling internet security is a risky thing to do, as you leave your computer open to attack not only during the time you’re gaming, but also if you forget to reactivate the software when you’re finished playing.

There is plenty of free anti-virus software available, but not all the free versions are suitable for people who do a lot of online gaming. There is less functionality in choosing when the software carries out its scans or updates for example, and some of the free anti-virus is resource heavy so will slow your computer down when it’s working.
The major manufacturers of antivirus software have now introduced software that includes a multimedia or gaming mode. In some products the internet security suite can detect automatically when you are using any multimedia applications like movies or games and it switches into the gaming mode automatically until you finish playing or watching a movie.
Kaspersky free antivirus download sare trial versions of the full versions of internet security products the company offers. Users can download them for thirty days to see how the software operates. Kaspersky advises users that they can suspend its antivirus products at any time when they want to maximise their pc or Mac’s performance but reminds users that any period without protection is a period when a pc could become infected. 
Online games are one of the main sources of malware on the web, so you should always exercise caution when downloading new games from a source that you are not familiar with.
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