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New Facebook Seen Option | Know when your friend see your message

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Facebook New Feature

As sometime when we send message to our friends on Facebook and wait for their reply , and we thinks may be He/She is not present on other side or He/She is not Active.

So, Sometime our friend’s try to avoid our message , Now they can easily be traced 😉 . We can easily find out Whether they have seen our chat message or not (Active).

As we have seen Facebook have always Launch new features time to time, to make their user consistent with FB usage by provide  reliable and best service to attract new user . As one of the survey carried out on social networking says, Facebook account is created by approx 20 Million people monthly …So its network increases abruptly on a daily basis, as compare to other social networking site.

Now Here I’m talking about Facebook New SEEN Message option.
  • Now when you chat with your friend in chat-box , you can see a “Seen” Option appearing with time below in the chat-box. This time tells us that the receiver of this message has seen our Message at a particular time
    Facebook New Feature
  • It Shows the time when your friend had seen your message . Now if any body tries to avoid you , you can check the time of seen option in chat-box , which lets you know whether He/She had seen your message or not.
  • Also, If you chat in Group on FB , you can see who’s currently seen the message Or Who’s Active on Chat.
    Facebook New Feature

    You can add friend in chat-box from chat box setting option.

PS: This Feature still not announced by FB  , And its enable only on some window’s . I tried it on Window 7.

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