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One by one step instructions about how to move iTunes library to PC and iPhone! 

Move your Library to PC: 

Moving your iTunes library from PC to PC can be fairly simple if you know the different options. There are several ways that you can do this depending on your situation. Using a portable hard drive is one option or you can actually use your iPod. Connecting both computers together using an adapter can also work well. 
 If you have all of your music on your iPod, iPhone or iPad then you just simply need to remove your old computer from iTunes and then add the new computer. Be sure to deauthorize your old computer first. This will then allow you to authorize your new computer to LOGIN TO iTUNES and get access to your entire Library. iTunes will actually allow you to authorize up to five devices so sharing music is easier. 
The iTunes software actually has a backup feature. Just go to file, then library and then backup. This will make one file that you will have to transfer and save you a lot of time. You can put the file on a CD Rom or a DVD and transfer it that way. 
If you choose to use an external hard drive you can drag your iTunes music file to your external hard drive icon. Once they are all transferred you can then plug it into another computer and transfer the file. This will move all of your files onto the other PC. It is simple and easy but requires you to have an external PC.
 You can also connect both PCs via a cable and transfer files that way. There are also free programs that you can download on the internet that make this pretty simple. Any way you choose the process is not too complicated if you have patience. It can take a good amount of time to actually transfer these files, depending on how many songs and applications you have. 

 Move your Library to iPhone: 

This manual will show you how to move iTunes Library to iPhone in few minutes! 
The iTunes library from PC to iPhone synchronization is a simple transition. It is actually just one click, but the time this takes really depends on the number of files that you have. 
 Their is a small circle (two arrows in circle formation) that spin on the device as it is synching. Users have the option to decide how the synch will occur in accordance to their file settings. The default is for iTunes to synch the device every time that the device is connected with the iTunes account interface open. Lots of users leave it this way, but it can be changed to synch manually only. Lots of users simply cancel the synch on their device when they connect. 
The interface for the library is divided. On the top right hand corner within the iTunes Account you sign in to the PC library. This is divided into categories like music, movies, podcasts and apps. Under this users will see their device connection. This is where they will be able to click on the device through the interface to synch it to the PC library.
Apple has created software also to link to the iTUNES STORE LOGIN, this is how users can update all their apps on their PC library. From this point they have to transfer their purchases from the PC library to their device to update everything on the device. 
 The best thing about the iTunes library from PC to phone synchronization is the forewarning. There is a colorful grid located at the bottom of the iTunes Login interface. This shows everything that a user added to his iTunes library on the PC. The fact that it doesn’t get uploaded to the device right away is a good thing. Sometimes users go over capacity and have to decide what to delete before the synch takes place.
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