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Mobile App vs. Mobile Website. What To Choose?

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It will sound tritebut it is a fact that world of business, entertainment and services are becoming more and more mobile. Now a days it is not enough just to make and support a website for your company. It is essential today to have a mobile presence as well. And there are two possible ways for it: mobile application and mobile version of your website. And now I will try to help youfind out the bestvariant for you and your business.

Mobile application development

What is a mobile app? It is a mobile program written especially for the specific mobile platform (there are several of them now, but the most popular are Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry). The application can represent all functions of a website (on-line consulting, calling, information and service sharing, etc.), but it also can work in tandem with other applications (e.g. for bank accounts management, mail services, and so on) what widens its possibilities almost up to unlimited ones.
If to speak about possible drawbacks of mobile apps, it is possible to name two of them:
  • The cost of development. To develop a truly good mobile application isn’t cheap, especially if you want it to perform lots of functions. But still it is going to be a good investment.
  • The application is developed for a specific mobile platform. So to interest the majority of potential clients you will need to order identical apps for different mobile OS systems.

Mobile version of website

Modern websites are mostly colorful, having lots of graphics, java-scripts and other high-tech elements. However, it is not really suitable for using on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets mainly) with their touchscreens. So, there is a necessity to make special mobile versions of site for mobile gadgets that will be lighter. Such version can be run on any device, no matter what mobile OS and what version of it is installed. And it makes mobile website a more universal solution.
However, there are some very important drawbacks you need to know about:
  • Mobile websites are much slower than mobile apps. Besides, on different browsers the site will work differently.
  • The possible range of functions is limited. Especially in comparison with those provided by mobile application development.
So, what variant is the best? It is only for you to decide, but here is my personal advice: if you have a small or medium-size business, a development of mobile website will be the best solution for you (to my mind it is an ideal combination of price and possibilities), but if you are an owner of a big business with great plans for the further growth, invest into the technology of future that will pay you off later.

About The Autho: Katerina Merzlova, a copywriter from Intellectsoft Company. I like to read, write and even listen about technology, especially mobile one. If you want to read more about the team I work with, check this.
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