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Microsoft Launches Window 8 Release Preview

As we know Microsoft , previously launches Window 8 Developer/Consumer Preview (Demo version) to test and get the feedback from the user.They modify window 8 according to user need and reliability.Now They will plan to launch Window 8 in the month of September or October.
Before launch the full window 8 Setup they want to know feedback of window, which they are going to launch So, Microsoft on Thursday(31/May/12) releases the Window 8 Final test version with refinement and improvement . You Can Download Window 8 release Preview Here(Download) or can see the official Microsoft Window 8 Release preview HERE.

The main purpose to develop window 8 is to provide an unique interface. As we know sales of PC and OS decreases day by day due to smart phones & tablets. So Microsoft start working on window 8 to encourage the people to use Window OS , PC and help reimaging Windows.
This Test Release preview version available in 14 different language with more improvement and refinement of its previous three month version.
*** There is also a good News for old user , if you are stopped to buy a new PC , because of the window 8 release time, Then you can buy your PC now. Microsoft will Provide the Window Upgrade Offer in 131 markets . So you can upgrade your Window 7 any version to Window 8 Pro for $14.99(U.S) from 31 Jan’13 . this program will ends on Feb’13.
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