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Make Window 7 Genuine

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There are many way to crack the window 7 but after some time your Window key is BLOCKED and your window get pirated then you have to change the key or find other trick .

Hear i will tel you the permanent solution for crack Window 7:

Step 1. Download the loader : Click Here!

Step 2.  Then run the Loader, Click : Select Task.

Step 3. Select your company name for e.g. LG, HP, DELL.   Then you got the company logo!

Step 4. Now click on the ” Activate Slic Present” , Then after 1 or 2 second you got an new window of option : Please select your certificate.

Step 5. Select your company brand and Click on : INSTALL

Step 6. Wait for minute  , then click on : HAZAR OPTION 2 , wait till finish then restart your pc.

Step 7. If any one want not use these setting he/she can directly click : “Non Slic Option 1” Followed by “Hazar Option 2 ” Reboot the pc.

Step 8. Now go to MY COMPUTER -> Right click the Open : Properties Then u see window in activated with ur pc tag which you selected..

Step 9. Now You got window Genuine, but it temporary to make it permanent: Download It!

Step 10.  Run this software and Choose “Remove Wat” when it completed all is set.
Step 11. Its ,Done!:)

Note : please do all procedure step by step.

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