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===> How to Change Cover Pic In New Facebook<===

As in my previous post i told you how to activate new Facebook ( Facebook Timeline ) with some simple steps.

Now if u activate the Facebook Timeline the here i will tell you how to give your profile a unique view with new Facebook Timeline .

Facebook enhance new attractive feature in Facebook Timeline  where you can check all your activity from the time when you join Facebook Community.

If you use the Facebook Timeline Your Facebook Profile appear as:

This amazing profile view can be your with some simple steps.

Step 1. If u activate the new Facebook Timeline ,Then go for Step 2

Else , First Activate your New Facebook Timeline by Click Here!

Step 2. Open your Profile on Facebook , by clicking your name on the Right Upper side.

Step 3. When you move your pointer( Mouse) Near to the Profile Pic , Then a “Change Cover” option appear . Click on it . As:

Step 4: You can now select from the pics which you are already upload on FB by Click “Chooses From Photos”

Or You can Upload a new one by clicking “Upload Photo”.

Another two option is used to manage the pic.

Step 5: I’m Click on “Chooses From Photos ” For E.g.

Now Select any one from your FB pics, or you can upload a new one.

Step 6. Now when you select the Pic , You have the option “Drag to Reposition Cover”  You can move you pic upward and downward by holding mouse on the cover pic , and set according to you need. For E.g.:

Step 7. Now click on save and , Now Your Facebook Profile is Unique One .

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