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Let Your iPhone Know You More! | The Mobile App that Recognizes Your Face

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The Mobile App that Recognizes Your Face
 THE BOON What wouldn’t you do for a smartphonethat recognizes everyone in the photos you take with it? Just take a snapshot of anyone and everyone and the handset will reveal the identities of the people in the photo.
 Isn’t this another reason why you have to sell used cell phones immediately? 
This is now very much possible with KLiK, a new iPhone mobile app that performs real –time facial recognition and automatically identifies and tags family and friends who are in the photo. 
Face Recogzines Iphone
Face.com, the technology platform that created the app, manages to launch the latest revolution on facial recognition. The invention stemmed from the consumer need of photos being taken at parties or any events yet only a few actually get tagged.

By the integration of the famous social media platform, Facebook, the app can now scan you and your friends’ photos to develop a facial profile of everyone in a user’s network. Whatthe apps does is that it identifies people and matches faces in the photos taken, and uploads them to their profiles. The limitation of this application resides in the fact that it is exclusively connected to Facebook- that means only the friends in a user’s network can be identified. Yes, you cannot use your iPhone to take photoof a stranger and possibly reveal his identity.

I guess your resolve of selling old cell phones is getting firmer and firmer at the moment. Nonetheless, you can use this app in learning mode especially if the person is a non-Facebook user (that makes him belong to the remaining 2% of the population, just kidding!). You can teach the app to determine the person’s identity by manually entering the person’s name on the phone.

This is not the only surprise that KLiK has to give: iPhone users can also apply Instagram-style filters and share photos via Facebook, Twitter, or their personal emails.


Although many seem to be impressed by the new app’s capability, some critics are still skeptical about the possible security and privacy issues it may spawn. But according to Gil Hirsch, CEO of Face.com: “This system has been engineered from the get-go to preserve privacy and also deliver a social fun value and nothing creepy.”

This is not the first time that Face.com has released revolutionary tech platforms that successfully went tothe realms of gadgetry. The company, established in 2009, has already created apps like Photo Finder, a Facebook app that scans friends’ pictures to identify shots of you that were never tagged.

Face.com also provides technology for Facial detection. This is different from facial recognition in that it only reveals relevant information from the person in the photo and does not reveal its identity.

The company is proud to say that KLiKis approximately 90% accurate.

If you are thrilled with KLiK as a mobile app, I suggest you sell old phones now so that you can get a great sum of cash to buy an iPhone!

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