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Ipad Apps Every Blogger Should Have

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Blogging on the go has gotten a lot easier thanks to mobile apps for popular devices like the iPhone, Android handsets and various tablets. The iPad is easily one of the best mobile blogging tools available, as it boasts plenty of screen real estate for multitasking and working effectively. To get the most out of iPad-enabled blogging, you’ll need a few handy apps to complete your setup. Here are seven of the best blogging apps for iPad users.

GoDocs for Google Docs

While there are plenty of superb office apps for the iPad, few can actually match the built-in features of Google Docs. Making the most of Google Docs requires a more full-featured app to use it effectively on the iPad. GoDocs for Google Docs is the perfect solution, allowing users to share and mail resources at will, download docs for offline use later and link multiple accounts simultaneously. Google Docs is good, but GoDocs for Google Docs is much, much better.


One of the main advantages of blogging from an iPad is the ability to pull in documents from the cloud or from your home PC at any location. Dropbox allows you to extend the storage space of your tablet and sync your projects across multiple devices for free. Additional storage can be had for a few dollars a month if need be, and the service overall is essentially the best cloud file locker on the market.


Though nothing else Yahoo does seems to pan out, Flickr is one project they’ve managed to avoid running off the rails. The Flickr iPad app provides quick access to your photos, Creative Commons pictures from other users and more. A visual element can make or break a blog, and having the ability to insert photos from Flickr into your posts is a big help when it comes to sprucing up your work.


Though the extra display space of the iPad is a massive improvement over the 3.5-inch screen of the iPhone, it’s still not exactly geared for solid tabbed browsing. SplitBrowser is the answer, allowing users to view two web pages simultaneously. In addition to providing split-screen functionality, it boasts the ability to resize and zoom in on objects in either window independently of each other. SplitBrowser’s one app that should come standard on every iPad.


One of the biggest hurdles to overcome on the path to becoming an effective and productive blogger is learning to manage your time and schedule tasks in the best manner possible. Multitasking gets a bad rap, but it can work if you know how to do it properly. Things is a to-do list manager, a calendar, a time management console and a note-taker all in one. The only problem with Things is that it isn’t free. Aside from that, it’s one of the best blogging apps that can be had for the iPad.


When putting out a steady stream of content, you’ll necessarily need to digest a lot of information from various sources and condense it into one concise summation of the relevant facts. Flipboard allows readers to soak up news and views from a wide variety of publications from around the world. Its magazine-style format makes for intuitive and seamless browsing, delivering one of the best tablet reading experiences out there.


If you’re like most professional bloggers, you’ve got at least one website if not more that runs on the WordPress Content Management System. The official WordPress app for iPad is the best possible way to compose, format and edit posts for articles on your blogs. Whether you’ve got a self-hosted WordPress installation or use the free WordPress.com service, this iPad app is a must.

The Last Word

The iPad has truly come into its own as a device for not only consuming content but creating it as well. Mobile apps can more or less replicate the functionality of desktop-based software, allowing any user to bring their office setup with them wherever they go. There are literally hundreds of other apps on iTunes that make mobile blogging easy, but the examples listed above are a good start.

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