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Increasing Mobility with Wireless Headsets for the Office

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New wireless headsets use the latest in technological advances to increase mobility while in the office. Technology available in today’s era is allowing manufactures such as Plantronics, GN Netcom and Jabra to integrate new features providing greater distances and multi-use functionality. Through the course of this blog we will discuss the new technology that is being used creating wireless mobility in the office for desk phones, PC computers and now Bluetooth mobile devices. 

Over the past few months both Jabra and Plantronics have discovered new ways to use a single wireless headset for telephone, computer and now Bluetooth mobile cell phones. These new wireless headsets connect to standard desk phones, USB computers and Bluetooth mobile devices creating a convenient way for hands free communications. Still operating on wireless DECT 6.0 Technology the new wireless headsets include roaming ranges between 350 feet and 450 feet. Somehow both Plantronics and Jabra have integrated Bluetooth Technology into the base of the system in order to establish a connection with Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. The new Plantronics Savi wireless headsets were released a few months ago and they also include the new Hot Swappable Battery feature allowing to change the battery while on a call virtually giving the headset unlimited talk time. Jabra on the other hand includes a more luxurious look for your office with their new Pro and Go wireless headsets. There are built in LCD touch screens for navigating between telephone, computer or cell phone making them the first wireless headset systems to include a touch screen display. 
Wireless headsets have really evolved just over the past few months with new technology never before seen in the industry. New breakthrough technology makes it easier to communicate in the office with hands free accessibility. Using a wireless telephone headset increases work efficiency by adding hands free mobility in your office with ranges up to 450 feet from your desk. Think about it running to the copy machine without having to put your client on hold, typing on the computer while on a call and even going to the break room while talking on the headset. Multi-tasking is a huge benefit to wireless headsets making it easy to stay on a call while maneuvering around the office for other basic tasks. Practicing safer ergonomics in the office or call center is ideal for those suffering from aches and pains. Relieve back, neck and shoulder pains using a wireless phone headset by practicing safer ergonomics. Not all wireless headsets work with all three devices as most are only designed for desk phones. When looking for a telephone headset for the first time there are three basic features to check for. First make sure the telephone headset is compatible with your desk phone. Other key features are noise canceling and making sure to find a wearing style that you are comfortable wearing.
Author Bio : Chase Posey – Expert blogger in wireless headsets and telephone headset hands free communication for offices and call centers.
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