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How to write your name large on facebook!

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 Now You can write your name on facebook with large caption.

Note: Your name having 5 or less then 5 character, then you are able to write your name large on facebook!

when any one open your profile and look your large caption name, Its looking good!
This is my facebook profile !

Or this is my friend wall:

Now How to Write your Bigger name on FACEBOOK:

Step 1: Open MS word or paint and write your name in any design you want in that format:
E.g. You have name: VARUN  : so write it like this : V [space] A [space] R [space] U [space] N.

Step 2: Now use sniping tool from Start-> search for snipping  tools.

Step 3: Snip or crop the individual charaacter of your name  and save as him like for v ,v.jpg. , and save all the cracter on your computer .

Step 4: Login Facebook ! Click on profile -> Photos-> Create a new album ,and Name it and give this album everybody seen permission.

Step 5: Add Your name chracter caption on that album.
Step 6: Now tag yourself on the album pics in the reverse order : Like for varun
1st Tag N
2nd Tag U
3rd Tag R
4th Tag A
5th Tag V

Step 7: Now open your profile and look different on your Profile ! Its Done!

Note: If u want your name forever on your facebook you have to Hide the New Tag Pics !

Just Click on X on new tag pics!

Hope its help You!
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