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How to Use Google+ to Enhance the SEO of Your Site

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Today, Google is the most prominent search engine available on the internet and almost all of us would be using it regularly. Google had launched its own social networking site, Google+, around an year ago and since then it has been coercing users to join this network. The message seems a little too outspoken with clear cut call-to-action on Google’s homepage and automatic Google+ registration of new Google or Gmail accounts.

The introduction of this new platform is a clear-cut sign to businesses and organizations to embrace the new platform if they want better ranking in search results. It has been observed that the lack of a Google+ account has negative effect on the organic search results. Most of the businesses are now hiring a professional software development company having proven capabilities in Internet marketing and getting SEO solutions that are according to the requirements of Google’s search algorithm.
Here are some tips that will help you in using Google+ to enhance the search engine ranking of your website:
Create a Google+ Page: Setting up a Google Plus (g+) account is very easy and simple. Just log into your Google or Gmail account and click on the +you link on the top left corner of the page. This will take you to the setup page of Google+ and after confirming one or two steps you will have your own Google+ account. Further, all the new Gmail accounts are provided the Google+ account by default. Therefore, you can either log in with an existing account or create the one right away. Initially, businesses and brands were not allowed an account on Google+ for a few months, but now, it is an open game and you can even have multiple administrators if you want.
Join as Many Circle’s As You Can: Google+ allows users to create as many circles as they want. It is very important that you are into many circles. Try to get into as many circles as you can. Further, create circles of your own and add users based on the circle type. It would be very beneficial if you could get users from the same industry as yours.
Fill Keywords on Your Page: Your Google+ page should contain as many relevant keywords as possible. However, it should not appear as if the keywords have been just filled on the page. Write posts on your page and include appropriate amount of keywords in it. 
The +1 Button: As a competitor to Facebook’s like button, Google presents +1 button. Use the +1 button effectively in order to increase the ranking of your website. Further, you should also +1 other people’s items as this also helps in increasing the visibility of your image or logo.
SEO companies are required to be very adaptive of the various changes in the search engine algorithm and trends that occur very frequently. Businesses and organizations should also be aware of changing trends and new additions in this segment. Further, businesses should understand that they don’t really have a choice in case of Google+ and must get the Google+ account as soon as possible.
About the author: Chris Miller is a blogger cum developer @ Xicom Technologies. Xicom a leading CMMI Level-3 PHP development company offerings Custom php development, offshore php application development, php development outsourcing services from a leading offshore web development company.
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