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How To Use Drop Box!

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 In This article we tell you how to use the DropBox For Oline storage of data!
Step 1: You have to sign up @DropBox at : Click Hear! For 2.25GB Storage Space.
Step 2: After Sign up Download the drop box for your PC like environment. Click Hear to:  Download!
Note: It give you an DropBox directory Means: You have the folder of drop box in your c drive : You have to place file folder or etc , which you want to make safe on server side .
This application automatically upload the content @DropBox.
Step 3: After Download -> Install the Drop Box->Sign In using your Account detail .
You Find Drop Box on : C:UsersComputer_NameDropbox 

You can find DropBox In C: Drive As Shown in picture
After Click on DropBox you can find some folder , You just copy paste the data in this folder which you want to safe on server side.

With Using This You Are Able To Use Drop Box!

 For More Detail Click Hear!

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