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How to Show Current Music Track on Gtalk played on Window media player in Window 7

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GTalk (Google Talk) is a great IM(Instant Messaging) chat  application by Google.

As there is an option to show status as “Show Current Music Track”, it will Ok when songs are played on Win-amp, But when we play tracks on Window Media Player, Gtalk Doesn’t show the Current Track Played as Status.
Are you facing same problem to show current music track as status on Gtalk, when tracks are played on Window Media Player.

Its because there is no Google Talk Music Plugin for Window Media Player in Window 7

Here I have an solution for that , Follow these steps to see your status as “Current Music Track Name”
  1.  Uninstall Your Galtk and also Gtalk Plugin from your PC.

  2. Its Ohk! if you already have Gtalk setup or you can download it from . Download Gtalk
  3. Now Right click on downloaded file (googletalk-setup.exe) and Click on “Run as administrator”
  4. Now Follow instruction to install Google talk.
  5. After installation , Sign In and set the status as “Show Current Music Track ” .
  6. Now play track on Window Media Player and see the Track Name As Gtalk Status.
Still Have Issue ???????

  • Open Window Media Player

  • Now Go to : Organize >> Option As shown in the picture .

  • An New Window appear  Click On “Plug-ins” >> “Background” options
  • Now you can see Gtalk Plugin , Check the Gtalt Plugin on the right Side .

     >> Apply it and press OK ! Now your Gtalk starts show current Music track as status

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