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How To Mention Google Plus Profile in Blogger

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Google Improves Blogger Day by Day, As we know if we mention any person Google Plus Profile in post then we can see him/her  while searching in Google for e.g.
Google Plus Search in Blogger
Now We can easiely add any one Google plus profile lin.
  • We Don’t Need to Copy The Google Plus Profile Link and Paste in Post As Anchor Link
You Can Add any One Google Plus Profile By Pressing “+” before the name.
For E.g. if i want to add my own profile in any post, what i need to do is just press +Pawan Sharma Now When i press “+” following by my name it will start searching people with the same name from my circle’s and other Google Plus Profile’s too. As Shown in the Picture given below:
Google Plus Search in Blogger
Select the Right Person from the list, Blogger Automatically add the same person profile link with respect to his/her Name.
So, Now we just need to type any person name after “+” to add his/her profile directly to blogger. Without Knowing his/her Google Plus Profile Link.
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