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How to create slide and video side by side

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As we know in every sector, Presentation play an important role for explaining things whether it’s training, a business proposal to client or anything else.. . A Presentation slide is a friend in need that helps you to easily present yourself to listener so that they can understand the stuff, with all those neat pictures, animation and audio, but for all this a presentator is needed at the moment. 

9Slide is a cloud based presentation app that opens up a new world between slide and video in the same canvas side by side. 9Slide provide you the way to share presentation by only sharing your slides so that means you no need to present at the moment you are presenting your slides. by using 9Slide you can add your slide, audio and video narration which coordinating according to slide number.

9Slide presentation can be accessed from any platform (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac etc…) and also you can embed it any where by simply copy pasting your presentation embed code to your blog or Website.

Key Feature’s of 9Slide

1. Training’s-
General Training – 9Slide helps you to prepare a visual presentation online. it enables you to create and share instructional content by presentation slides and video side by side. 9Slide is a low cost training solution which is easy to setup anywhere, and help it organisations to save funds on trainings.  You can host your 9Slide training presentation anywhere to organisation even if you already have a learning management system.
Training Seasonal Employees– In holiday season, organisation always need temporary employees, but the only problem is training … So here 9Slide helps you out you by making a Training Presentation once & it will works for all as to provide training to new employee.

Organizational Training – In large organisation it’s always a headache to train there employees and considering its cost and management issues, it is out of question. The best alternative is to use 9Slide that’ll make the training process easy and more interesting which help you to optimize your training process and savings… , Employee can access presentation from every device( iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac ). By using 9Slide, organisation can produce rich audio or video and Slides side by side.
2. Device Independent – 9Slide can be accessed with any platform (iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac etc) . You can easily create you presentation by using device oriented app 
iPad App: 9Slide app is available at App Store, by using this app you can add your video commentary to your slides on your iPad by using following steps:
  1. Import you ppt to iPad
  2. Create you video by using iPad according to slides…
  3. Done! Publish you presentation 

Here is the demo Presentation by 9Slide

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