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How To Create Custom Fence | Fence Part – 2

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 ===> Customize Fence Manually <===

In my previous article I explained how to configure Fence for first time use by recommend setting .

Manage You Desktop View With An Unique Way- Clean Up Your Desktop Clutter

Now in this post I explain how to manage Fence (Create New Fence , Delete Fence, Rename)

How to Create New Fence.

Step 1 . By Using right mouse button to create new fence. On your desktop , press the right mouse button , Draw any shape rectangle , and release the mouse.

Step 2. When you release the right mouse button, then “Create new Fence here” option appear , Click on it .

Step 3. Now Enter New name of fence (e.g. Demo ) in appear window.

Step 4. Now your New Fence is created , Now Drag and Drop files (Folder, Shortcuts etc) from desktop to fence.

Note:- When fence is fully field with files then it arrange all the file with Scroll Slider (Visible when hover on the fence)  

Now How to delete Fence .

  • Right click on the fence , then an delete fence option appear , click on it and confirm to delete fence.

    Deleting Fence not means it delete your files also (Your file automatically arranged on the desktop)

Now How to Rename Fence.

  • Right click on the fence , then an rename fence option appear , click on it to rename the fence.
  • Enter the new name and save it .

If you are facing any problem with this you can also view

*** If you want to make desktop blank then Click Left Click 2 Times on desktop , Now All the fence will be invisible .

If you want to view all the content of desktop Click Left Click 2 Times Again.

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