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How Mobile Technology is Protecting You

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Mobile technology is huge, and has been for nearly over a decade now. We use this technology for a variety of reasons, ranging from playing games to checking up on your investments. Literally, your mobile technology can do just about anything you wish. We often forget, however, how much of a safety net our mobile technology can be for us, and it is something that we should appreciate more than we do. With as much complaints as we have sometimes with the evasiveness of mobile technology and social platforms, they are doing a lot we no longer think about to keep us safe.
This is something that might be up for debate because people don’t like the idea of their phone sharing too much info, but the GPS features on most phones are amazing safety features. Think of the last time you got lost and had no map or anyone to call. A few years ago, you’d be screwed, but now with GPS tracking and mobile map applications, you can get anywhere you need to go.
This can get you out of trouble that you wouldn’t be able to navigate in earlier years. Not to mention, when was the last time you had to print out a map before hitting the road? With the GPS features on cell phones, iPads, etc., you will never have to worry about that. Furthermore, yet trying to not lean on the morbid, but think about all the missing people and other cases that have been assisted by the tracking location from an individual’s phone. It is amazing what our technology can do for us.
With all of the entertainment apps out there, we sometimes forget that our phones can help protect us as well. For instance, many home security companies now offer mobile applications so you can check in on your home’s safety when you are away. These apps can also notify you if anything happens, and it is something that is completely amazing for our personal safety. There are numerous other applications that can help keep your home and possessions safe, even when you’re not around.
One thing we also never think about is the most basic feature of a mobile phone that no one ever thinks about; it’s a phone! Think about the days of being lost and stranded and needing money and access to a pay phone to getting in touch in any help. We never have to worry about that because our phones are, well, phones. People hardly remember how much this keeps us safe, because this isn’t something most generations deal with anymore, and some younger generations have never dealt with.
These are the ways that our mobile technology is saving us. It is overwhelming to think that something we can put in our pockets has so much power to keep us protected. We live in an amazing day and age of technological strides, and it is changing our lives everyday.
Author Bio: Jordan Mendys is a blogger, and technophile. He blogs out of North Carolina, where he also freelances as a photographer and filmmaker.
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