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Hacking Tricks You Can Use

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Hacking Tips n Tricks
Without putting your morals to the side, there are many legal hacking tricks that you can use to make your tech life easier. Remember hackers aren’t just about causing mayhem or righting wrongs they perceive. It’s also about optimizing technology. A few common hacker commands can make a huge difference to the common IT user.
Ctrl-C isn’t just for copying a highlighted passage. If you’ve already completed a command, this quick fix can undo almost anything. It’s a quick abort command that works in most fixes and saves you time. Check out these other easy tips that pros like your seo company already know.

The Top Row of Your Keyboard Is Useful

All of those Fs stand for something and it’s time you knew what. In the command prompt, use F1 to paste the last command by each character, F2 to paste the last command up to the last character, F3 to paste the last command, F4 to delete the prompt text and F5 to paste the last command. Once you get the hang of it, usingthe commands become as natural as typing in QWERTY.
If you’re not quite there yet, consider what the F keys are for out of command mode. Most keyboards have pictures that highlight their use. You can brighten the screen, control sound and control if you’re connected to the internet. Spend some time exploring the F keys and customize your laptop.

Hacking Siri

If you’ve seen the recent Big Bang Theory episode about the voice command Siri, maybe you’ve been tempted to try it out. The throaty female voice’s command follows your wish, but you need to know how to talk to the lady. She’s not very good at grammar and using punctuation, but all you need to do is state the punctuation point you want included (such as a period or comma).
She’s also not very savvy with proper names, but you can fix that. You can tell Siri, “Joaquin Smith is my brother,

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