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Five Ways Social Media Has Changed the World for the Better

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In the days of Myspace and AOL’s chat services, social networks and social media weren’t viewed as tools that could be used to make the world a better place.
If one looks back, the one segment of society that really utilized the power of social media through a site like Myspace early on was the music industry. Independent artists used the site as way to promote themselves and network with others in the industry.
Their practices hinted at the potential social media and social networks held as a way to do business, promote policies and change the world.
More than a decade later, nearly everyone with access to the Internet has at least one social network account and they can all point to at least one way social media changed the world.


The biggest way social networks have impacted everyone’s life is with the role they play in reconnecting old friends. Whether it was a neighbor that moved away when you were 8 years old or an old high school friend with whom you were once inseparable, social networks bridge the divides of time and geography to bring people together with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Politics and Awareness

As a medium for the dispersal of information, social media plays a large role in spreading messages and beliefs as well as promoting awareness. The Arab Spring of 2011 is a prime example of the power of social media.


When it comes to governments and corporations, the biggest complaint directed at both by the public is often the lack of transparency. Whether it’s a government scandal or the role a large corporation played in getting specific legislation passed, when the public is connected via a medium such as a social network and through social media, it becomes difficult to hide impropriety and deceit. The biggest reward of this new reality is that governments and corporations are held accountable.


All it takes for a breaking news story to reach the entire world is the time required for someone to type the headline and click send on their social network account. This instantaneous nature of information sharing via social media has revolutionized the world of journalism. In this new world, news stories are shared faster and they reach a wider audience.

Marketing and Promotion

The last way social media, in tandem with social networks, has changed the world in a significant way is with marketing and promotion. With friends, family and acquaintances all connected and sharing their likes and dislikes online, companies have a new and effective way to reach larger markets through advertising models such as a pay per click service.
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