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Five Tips To Keep Your Smart Phone Running Like New

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Five Tips To Keep Your Smart Phone Running Like New

The smartphone has become a natural extension of the body, always at the ready to provide instant gratification and information. Because of the constant interaction, you definitely notice when it slows down or has a crack. You can keep your phone running like new with a few smart tips.

Keep Updated

Your phone’s manufacturer puts out periodic software updates to keep the hardware working smoothly and to fix any glitches that turn up. Update the phone as soon as the software is available. Waiting to install the software causes your phone to slow down considerably, especially if your apps, or applications, are not updated either.

Cover It

Your smartphone looks indestructible, but it houses sensitive boards and wires that quickly break if you drop it. Cover the phone with a case that matches your habits. Drop the phone at least once a week? Try a thick case with rubber corners to soften the blow. Rarely drop it? Find a strong rubber cover to protect the backing from scratches.

Turn It Off

As you access different apps throughout the day, your phone is running several programs at once, even if you have closed the app. Turn off your phone at least once or twice a week to refresh the memory. This power down also helps your hardware, such as SIM cards from Bell.ca, so they don’t overheat and malfunction. When you turn the phone back on, it erases all the previous glitches and starts with only one program running: your operating system.

Top It Off

No longer do you need to run your batteries down to nothing before charging them again. Newer battery technology runs like new if you run the charge to about 50 percent and top it off to 100 percent. Although many phones allow you to replace the battery, it is capable of running for several years with proper care.

Full Memory

Do you have hundreds of photos and some videos that you keep forgetting to upload to your computer? Your phone runs extremely slow with extra data clogging the memory. Upload your media periodically to keep the memory open. Your phone runs like new when it can use the memory to run multiple apps, like a music app and calculator at the same time.

Smartphones give you the world at your fingertips. The world seems quite slow if you don’t care for the device properly. Avoid physical damage and treat it like the miniature computer that it is for the best

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