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Firfox Master Password (Secure Your Saved Password)

In our daily life when we access any website in daily routine , we just saved website password on the browser ” Remember Password”. 
But any one who have access  pc can easily view the password directly on firefox 
” tools->option->security->saved passwords-> show password”
So your password not secure if you save it on the browser, But by using Firefox you can secure your saved password by applying Master Password.

By using master password you can access your own saved password when you enter master password.

How To enable Master Password :
  1. Goto  ” Tools-> Option -> Security ” . Window is open as:

  2. Now Tick The Check Box “Use  Master Password” Marked as red in the window:

  3. When You check the Box ” Use a Master Password” a password set window apper as:

  4. Set your password for master password.  then Click “OK”
Now when ever you have to use your browser saved password you first  Enter Master Password which is automatically asked by Firefox Browser when you are on the login page of any site whose password you save on the Firefox.
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